This Short-code will list All Packages/Downloads in tabular format with sorting and searching options:

[wpdm_all_packages items_per_page="20" categories="slug1,slug2,..." jstable=1 order_by="field_name" order="ASC/DESC"]


  • items_per_page: Items to show per page
  • categories: use the parameter if you want to show the table for specific category or categories
  • order_by: field name ( title | date )
  • order: ASC or DESC
  • jstable: Enable disable datatable.js

and the front-end preview for the short-code is here

Live Demo

Last Updated: Jun 15, 2017


  • Chloe Lafrance

    How can I change the info under the title ? I want to display the package size and tags.

    • Shaon

      No easy way for that, you need to edit template file. However, if you are ok with that, please follow the steps:

      1. Create a dir named download-manager inside your active theme dir
      2. Copy wpdm-all-downloads.php from plugins/download-manager/tpls/ dir to the dir you created in step #1
      3. Now you can edit copied wpdm-all-downloads.php the way you want.

      The process is to keep your changes even after updating plugin.

  • Xian

    Is there a way to output the file thumbnail here? Seeing a list of filenames and icons for file types isn’t nearly so enticing for a user. I’d prefer not to have to build my own index and individual “product” pages for each file if I can help it.. :/
    (but it looks like that might be the answer….)

  • Wyatt Koon

    Is there a way to do exactly this, but specifying tags instead of categories? Maintaining the tabular format, etc.

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