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[wpdm_all_packages] – List all downloads in tabular format in a page

This Short-code will list All Packages/Downloads in tabular format with sorting and searching options:

[wpdm_all_packages items_per_page="20" categories="slug1,slug2,..." jstable=1 order_by="field_name" order="ASC/DESC" cols="title,file_count,download_count|categories|update_date|download_link" colheads="Title|Categories|Update Date|Download::155px"]


  • items_per_page: Items to show per page
  • categories: use the parameter if you want to show the table for specific category or categories
  • order_by: field name ( title | date )
  • order: ASC or DESC
  • jstable: Enable or disable datatable.js
  • cols: data field name for each column, column separator |, if you want to show multiple data fields in the same column, data field names should be separated by ,
  • colheads: column heading, headings are separated by |. Ex: colheads="Title|Categories|Update Date|Download", now if you want to specify width for a colum, add the width after column head with :: seperator. Ex: colheads="Title|Categories|Update Date::200px|Download::100px" will make Update Date column width 200px and Download column width 100px (Note: column width is only support by pro version )
  • login: Optional parameter, uselogin=1 if you want to make the table login protected, otherwise, you may skip the parameter

Valid Data Field Names:

  • ID
  • page_link
  • title
  • post_content
  • categories
  • download_count
  • view_count
  • file_count
  • version
  • package_size
  • quota
  • download_limit_per_user
  • package_size
  • publish_date
  • update_date
  • author_name
  • author_profile_url
  • avatar_url
  • author_pic
  • author_package_count
  • comment_count
  • excerpt  ( supported only in pro versions )
  • excerpt_X  ( supported only in pro versions )
  • audio_player  ( supported only in pro versions )

and the front-end preview for the short-code is here

Live Demo

Last updated on Jun 6, 2019