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[wpdm_package] – Single Package Embed Short-code

Default Package Short-code:

[wpdm_package id="package-id-here"]

Package Short-code With link template specified:

[wpdm_package id="package-id-here" template="template-id"]

All link template file names:

  • link-template-default
  • link-template-panel
  • link-template-extended
  • link-template-semi-ext
  • link-template-bsthumnail
  • link-template-audio

All page template file names:

  • page-template-default
  • page-template-1col
  • page-template-1col-ex-autdio
  • page-template-1col-flat
  • page-template-col2-il
  • page-template-1col-ex

If no template parameter used with short-code, it will user the selected link template when you created the package. “template” parameter is just useful if you want to show same package with different link template at different places.

Use following add-on to generate short-codes:

Live Demo

Last updated on Jul 8, 2016