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[wpdm_user_dashboard] – User Dashboard Short-code

Short-code for wpdm user dashboard:

[wpdm_user_dashboard recommended="recent" signup=1 flaturl=0 fav=1]

and the preview for the short-code is here ( Login: demo / demo ):

User Dashboard Demo


Parameter Description
recommended value should be a category slug if you want to recommend specific category items, if you want to show recent items, use recommend="recent", skip the parameter recommended if you want to hide recommended items on the dashboard.
fav fav=1 if you want to show users favorite section and skip the fav parameter if you want to hide the section
signup use signup=1 if you want to show login + signup form when a user is not logged in, signup=0 or skip the parameter if you only want to show the login form.
flaturl Optional parameter, default value 0, use flaturl=1 for flat url
Last updated on Dec 7, 2018