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[wpdm_packages] – WP_Query in a shortcode for download manager packages

Use this shortcode you can query all downloads/packages, and you can use relevant parameters as like as WP_Query as mentioned below

Example short-code to query any author's downloads:

[wpdm_packages author="1" login="1" paging="1" order_by="field name" order="asc or desc" posts_per_page="10" template="template name or ID" cols=4 colspad=2 colsphone=1]


Authentication Parameter

  • login (int) - optional, valid value is0 or 1. You can skip this parameter, but if you use login=1, the shortcode will show a login for the visitors who are not logged in.

Author Parameters

Show posts associated with a certain author.

  • author (int | string) - use author id or comma-separated list of IDs, exclude an author by prefixing its id with a  - sign, like -1.
  • author_name (string) - use 'user_nicename' - NOT name.

Category Parameters

Show posts associated with specific categories.

  • categories (string) - use category slug ( or slugs separated by comma ).
  • include_children (boolean) – Whether or not to include children. Defaults to true.
  • operator (string) – Operator to test. Possible values are ‘IN’,  ‘AND’. The default value is ‘IN’.

Tag Parameters

Show posts associated with certain tags.

  • tag (string) - use tag slug.
  • tag_id (int) - use tag id.
  • tag__and (array) - use tag ids.
  • tag__in (array) - use tag ids.
  • tag__not_in (array) - use tag ids.
  • tag_slug__and (array) - use tag slugs.
  • tag_slug__in (array) - use tag slugs.

Live Demo

Last updated on Oct 7, 2019