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[wpdm_reg_form] – User Registration Form Short-code

User registration form short-code with all parameters:

[wpdm_reg_form captcha=true|false verifyemail=true|false autologin=true|false logo="Logo Image URL"]


  • captcha: optional, default value "true", shows/hides captcha with registration form on true/false
  • verifyemail: optional, default value is "true", if value is "false", it shows password field with registration form and doesn't send verification email, otherwise, doesn't show password field and send password to registration email.
  • autologin: optional, default value is "false" when "verifyemail" is true, default value is "true" when "verifyemail" is false, after registration, it will auto login when value is true otherwise redirect to login page.
  • logo: optional, add logo or any image URL you want to show in top of registration form


Registration Form Demo

Last updated on Jul 10, 2016