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[wpdm_category] – Query All Downloads From One or More Categories

You can query all downloads/packages from one or more categories by using this shortcode.

You may also use Gutenberg Block instead of writing this shortcode,
you will have the visual option to configure each parameter.
Get the WPDM Gutenberg Block plugin

Category short-code will all parameters:

[wpdm_category id="Category Slug or Slugs" operator="IN" title="Custom Title Here or 1" desc="Custom Description or 1" toolbar="1" paging="1" orderby="field name" order="asc or desc" items_per_page="10" template="Template ID" cols=4 colspad=2 colsphone=1 async=1]


Name Type Required Default Description
id TEXT Yes None The category slug or slugs, it is a required parameter, in case of multiple category slugs should be separated by a comma
cat_field TEXT Optional None Default value for idis slug, if you want to use category ID there, add cat_field="id"
operator TEXT No IN Use this parameter only when you are using multiple categories. Possible values are ‘IN’, ‘NOT IN’, ‘AND’, ‘EXISTS’ and ‘NOT EXISTS’. The default value is ‘IN’
icon URL No None Use it if you want to set a custom icon URL. When you skip this parameter, the shortcode will use the first or available category icon
icon_wdith INT No 64 Width of the icon
title TEXT No Category Name You can use any text there, if you use title="1" then it will show the category title, title="Custom Text" will show the custom text string as title, if you skip that parameter will not show the category title
desc TEXT No Category Desc You can use any text there, if you use “1” then it will show the category description, otherwise will show the custom text string, if you skip that parameter will not show the category description
items_per_page INT Yes 10 Use any numeric value but greater than 0
orderby TEXT No id The field name to sort packages, you can sort by title, download_count, date, modified ( update date ), or id, it's an optional parameter, if you skip this parameter “id” will be taken as default.
order TEXT No desc Use asc or desc, optional parameter
template TEXT No link-default-default Use link template ID here
toolbar TEXT No 1 1 for showing toolbar with category title and sorting option while showing short-code output and 0 will hide the toolbar and "compact" for slim toolbar
tbgrid TEXT No "6,2,2,2" Grid allocation for toolbar items, total 12 columns, if you use tbgrid="6,2,2,2"  means, allocate 6 cols for search bar, 2 cols for order field dropdown, 2 for order by and 2 cols for apply button
paging INT No 1 0 if you want to hide pagination
cols INT No 1 Number of columns for desktop/laptop layout, value range 1 ~ 4
colspad INT No 1 Number of columns for pad/tab layout, value range 1 ~ 4
colsphone INT No 1 Number of columns for phone layout, value range 1 ~ 4
async INT No 0 optional, valid value is 0 or 1, load pagination links asynchronously when set 1

Category Shortcode Demo


Last updated on Jun 13, 2023

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