If you want to view download statistics for your packages, Go to Downloads -> Stats in your WordPress admin area. A new window will appear. You can view three types of download statistics here. Details for each type is given below:

This Month

If you want to view current months download statistics, you can view it here.

WordPress Download Manager Pro Download Statistics

Package vs Date

Here you can view the list of all packages with number of downloads for each package in a table. If you click download count value for a package, you will redirected to details page for that package. If you click any day number, you will be redirected to Package vs User settings.

Package vs User

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2017


  • RK

    Is it possible to disable stats and keep total downloads per package? Log every IP is too much for me, it’s eating a lot of mysql space (more than 175,000 rows in 2 months)

  • ruditrip

    Is it possible to see which registered / logged in users downloaded a particular file?

  • Matthew Kane

    Is it possible to generate a report of all downloads by users? Also I need a report of all users and their downloads. Thanks!

  • welswebmaster

    How do you get stats per file (contained within a package) for single file downloads?

  • Martin Rudland

    I have a site which currently has over 100 resources/packages available for download, is there a way to modify the “Package Vs Date” page to only show packages/resources which have been download, one user may have only downloaded 3 resources/packages but the page currently shows the 100+ available on the site.

    For example at the moment the page will show…

    PACKAGE/DATE 20 21 22
    Package 1 0 0 0
    Package 2 1 0 0
    Package 3 0 1 0
    Package 4 0 0 0

    Can Package 1 and Package 4 be hidden from this page ? (until its downloaded)

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