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Add New Package

Step 1: Go to your Wordpress admin panel dashboard.
Step 2: Go to Downloads -> Add New from you admin dashboard. A new "Add New Package" page will be displayed.

add new package

Add New Package page is divided into different sections. Below is the step by step description for every section:

Package Title

This is the title section for your downloadable package. Enter a meaningful title for you package.

Package Description

This is the description / details section for your package. Here you have to write detailed description of your package.


Select category for package. The Package will be listed under all selected category when you will use category embed code.


If you want to tag your package, you can use this section. This section works exactly native Wordpress tag feature.

Featured Image

Here you can select featured image for you package. Short code for the featured image is [thumb].


After fill out all necessary data as per your requirement, click "Publish" Button to publish your package.

Last updated on Jan 2, 2015