WordPress Download Manager gives you a verity way of attaching files, you can upload from your pc or use server file browser to explore files in the server and attach from there or attach an URL from any remote location, also you can use WordPress Download Manager Cloud Storage add-ons if you want to keep your files in cloud storage like Amazon S3, Google Drive,  Dropbox, Box.com or One Drive and serve the downloads from your site. And in WordPress download manager, you can use those cloud storage altogether and which gives you lots of free storage and bandwidth.

Attach File section is divided into three tabs named Upload, Browse and Remote.

Upload tab:

You can upload files from your local computer by clicking “Select Files” button or by dragging files into the box. You can select one or more files at a time and click “Open”. The upload will start immediately. You’ll see a progress bar for each file upload.
WordPress Download Manager - Attach File

Browse tab:

By this tab, you can browse files from your server and add them to your package. You need to select file browser root directory from download manager settings page. if you don’t set root directory then default root will be your WordPress base dir. Select your specific file by browsing your file structures and click the file name you want to add. An alert message will appear with “Ok” and “Cancel” buttons. Click “Ok” button to add this file and “Cancel” button otherwise. Note that, if you want multiple files in your package by this method, you have to add them by clicking one by one.

WordPress Download Manager - Attach File - Browse From Server

URL tab:

You can use remote URL as file source using this option and you can add multiple URL with the same package.

WordPress Download Manager - Attach File - Remote Files

After adding files, your files will be displayed under “Attached Files” section for further modifications.

Directory Attachment:

Also, you can attach a directory path to your download manager package:

Attach Directory - Add New Package - WordPress Download Manager

You can user server directory browser to browse and select directory:

Directory Browser - Add New Package - WordPress Download Manager.png

And, you can add, edit or delete any file in that directly directly from ftp or any other way, and any modification in that directory will be apply on package download automatically.

And at front-end you can show the file list of attached directory like this:

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2019


  • marjorie07

    Is there a file limit? Is there a add-on to allow for larger file sizes?

    • Shaon

      Actually there is no limit either in count or in size. Also no add-on required. If you can’t upload larger files, you may need to increase max upload file size limit from your server.

  • lroggli

    When I attach a file by using the URL (from amazon s3 for example), the actual file link is displayed. How can I NOT have the entire URL of the file show? Even if someone cannot access the file (due to password) or download it, they will still see the full file name and can simply copy and paste in a browser and obtain the file.


    • Shahriar

      In case of amazon s3, it actually create temporary download link, which will be expire after 30 mins. So after 30 mins, the link will not work anymore.

  • dkdelosreyes

    When I create a new package there’s a section labeled as “Attach Dir” wherein it allows me to choose a folder within my project folder. What exactly does this section do? I tried to attach a folder but there’s no visible changes. Thank you

    • Shaon

      It will attach all subfolders & files from selected dir, and from front-end users will be able to download full dir or any single file from the site if you enable single file download, like this:


  • ThomasJPitts

    Whenever I try to add a file recently, it just hangs. It gets to a full green bar 100%/100% but never actually adds the file. Thoughts?

    • Shahriar

      Please create a forum topic OR send me the topic link if you have already created one. Send the temporary wp-admin login info in private forum reply to check the issue.

  • carlos

    how can i hide a file to users with not allowed access ?? now, the not allowed access can see the file (not download) but i need to hide the file directly

  • JayTee

    Good day.

    I’ve been using your product for the past week and I am really enjoying it.

    I’m trying to build a file (music) hosting site and I was wondering g if there is a way to allow subscribers to upload files of their own?

    • Shahriar

      Yes, you can allow subscribers to upload their own files. Use [wpdm_frontend flaturl=0] shortcode to show upload page. Then from Download Manager settings >> Frontend page allow subscribers to create packages.

  • ShopFloorAutomations

    I am creating a Package that has multiple zip files from s3 amazon. I have attached all the zip files but when I try and download the package it downloads an empty zip file.

    Could you please help me figure out why?

    Thank you

    • Shahjada

      For a package with multiple remote files, full package download will not work, as when a package has multiple files, need to create a zip from attached files to download them all together and in case of remote files it is not possible as files need to be on the same server to create a zip from them. So, you need to enable single file download, then add [file_list] tag and remove [download_link] tag from your link/page template.

  • William Dorrington


    First of, WOW! What a great product – very impressed.

    Secondly i’m struggling to locate the files on my server – I changed the root directory and cannot save my files to the particular folder. Nor when I place a file in there can I view it in the Browse “attach files” functionality. Assistance to how to locate where the files are located on my server would be amazing ha!

    Thank you.


    • Shafayet

      When you upload files using wpdm, they stores in /wp-content/uploads/download-manager-files/ dir. And, you also can explore files from server file browser and attach files with a package, for in you don’t see any files in server file browser, please adjust your file browser root dir from wpdm settings:
      File Browser Root

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