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Download Manager Package Settings

  • Link Label:
    This is the download title for your package. This title will be shown in Download link or Details link of your package. For example, you can use "Download Now", "Get It Now", "Download" or any other string you want as Link Label text.
  • Stock Limit:
    This is the stock limit of your package. It can also be explained as the total number of possible downloads of your package. After provided number of downloads, this package cannot be downloadable. You can change this value any times if you want. Note: You have to set a numeric value here eg. 100 . Set 0 or leave this field blank if you don't want to manage stock limit for your package.
  • Download Limit:
    You can set download limit here by per user basis. ie. if you set 10 as Download limit, a user can download only 10 copies for this package. Use a numeric value here and if you do not want to set download limit set 0 otherwise leave this field blank.
  • Download Count:
    This field store total number of downloads of your package. This value will be updated every time a user download this package. You can set 0 here to reset your download count. If you want to set an initial download value of your package or reset download count you can use this field, otherwise, leave this field blank.
  • Allow Access:
    Here you can select audience for your package. You can set role-based access for your package. Only selected roles can download your package. Select All Visitors if you don't want to add role-based access. So if you want to make a package login protected or members only, simply select all user roles here except "all visitor" ( see video ). Additionally allowed roles from selected categories will be merged with package access. For example "Category A" and "Category B" selected for "Package P" from "Categories" meta box, "Subscribers" has access to "Category A", "Editors" has access to "Category B", "Authors" is selected for "Allow Access" field in "Package P".
    Now, Effective Access to "Package P" = Selected roles in "Allow Access" field + All selected roles for "Category A" +  All selected roles for "Category B" = Subscribers, Authors, Editors
  • Select Members:
    You can apply user/member specific access using this option, but you will need Advanced Access Control Add-on for this
  • Single File Download:
    Here you can enable single file download option. In a package, you can add multiple files ( as many as you want ), at from front-end when user downloads this package, they will get a zip file containing all attached files, but if you enable this option user also will be able to download any single file from attached files( Try Demo 1 - Thumb List  or Demo 2 - Table ), but when you enable individual file download option, you also need to use [file_list] or [file_list_extended] tag with your link or page template to show the file list with download button at front-end, and templates are explained here                     
  • Link Template:
    Here you can specify link template for your package. Link template is used to display your package download link with different views. You can use any existing template or add a new template from Downloads -> Templates menu of your Wordpress admin area. To know details about creating a Template, study this. To know how link templates are shown in front end, follow this link
  • Page Template:
    Here you can select Page Template for your package. Like Link Template, you can select any existing page template or create your custom page template by going Downloads -> Templates menu of your Wordpress admin panel. Page templates are used in single package details page. To know details about creating a Template, study this. To know how link templates are shown in front end, follow this link