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WordPress Download Manager Pro packed with all features you will ever need to manage your files and documents, protecting documents with password, document access control based on members roles and capabilities, detailed access log, selling digital products, licensing and many more features.
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Manage Documents

WordPress Download Manager Pro covers all features you will ever need, Some important feature highlights are here

Share and Promote

Boost-up social media appearance. Lock your download using different social networking options

Sell Digital Products

Convert your site into a full featured digital store or marketplace just in
few clicks

Membership & Subscriptions

Using Download Manager Pro & WP Pro Membership you can convert your site into a membership site.

All In One Digital Asset Management

All In One Digital Resource Management Solution

Core Features

Multi-file package

You can use multiple file with single entry. at front-end those files will be downloaded as a zip

Access control

Control users who should have access to downloads or who is forbidden to download

Password protection

You can protect full package or each file in a package using one or more password

Bandwidth control

You can control the download speed easily using this option to prevent abuse of server resources

Bulk import

Upload all of your file using ftp, Import and convert all those to packages at a time

Download stats

Track on who is downloading and from where. also how many time its downloaded.

Custom Templates

Control over how package links and pages should look like at front-end with easy to use template tags

Share and Promote

Lock your downloads using Facebook like button. User will be able to download only after they like on Facebook
Lock your downloads using Tweet button. User will be able to download only after they Tweet your customized message on their twitter profile
Lock your downloads using email address. Download link will be mail to user after they enter their email address

Captcha Lock

Lock your downloads using twitter follow button. User will be able to download only after they follow the linked profile

Linkedin Share Lock

Lock your downloads using Linkedin Share button. Users will be able to download only after they share on Linkedin.
Lock your downloads using Facebook share button. User will be able to download only after they share on Facebook

Pinterest Add-on

Lock your downloads using Pinterest Pin button. User will be able to download only after they Pin it on Pinterest.

Google Connect Lock

Lock your downloads using google connect. User will be able to download only after they connect with their Google account.

What others are saying?

Switching to WordPress from Joomla was greatly helped by a great download manager for WordPress, WPDM. With unsurpassed support I was able to fine tune my downloads section on the website to my delight.
Rob Vens
As we strive harder to achieve the ideal of a paperless office, we realise that we need good document management systems to actualise this goal. My favourite is WordPress Download Manager.
Jean Galea
WordPress Download Manager ‐ The Best Download Management System for WordPress. This Plugin is packed with all the features I was expecting from a files and downloads management plugin.
Ayaz Malik

Digital Store & MarketPlace

Shopping Cart

Full featured shopping cart with integrated paypal payment system to sell your packages.

Order & Invoice Management

Extended order and invoice management options, multiple invoice templates with customization options.

Save & Email Cart

Add items to your cart, you can save it to checkout later or email the saved cart to someone you want to pay for the items.

Role Based Discount

You can keep a product free for some users and paid for some others, or you can add a discount for a user group.

Sales Report

Full detailed report on sale and orders. Generate custom chart or graph report for site wide sales or shop specific or product specific sale easily.

Coupon Management

The Plugin includes very wide range of coupon management. You can create product specific coupons or global coupons for different levels of discount.

Product & Price Variation

Unlimited Product Variations. Create single or multiple variations like license, size with increment or decrement of base price.

Simplest Checkout Option

Premium Package Add-on introduced simplest checkout system ever, no complex steps, both guest and members checkout just exactly in 2 clicks.

Digital MarketPlace


Front-end Store Manager

Your site members will be able to manage their products, see sales stats and earning from front-end. No need to go through WordPress admin section.

Payout Options

The Payout feature allows you to check user earnings, pending payments, withdraw request and send payments.

Custom Shop Profile

Special option to highlight specific shop with a dedicated shop profile page, Sellers can customize the page with their logo, shop information and products.

In your mobile!

Generic placeholder image

Today Sales

Check today's sales stats / order list just in one click

Sale Notification

Get push notification for each sale from your store

Order Details

Check order details like total amount, ordered items, client info.
Generic placeholder image
Sale Stats
See the sales stats / order list for any specific date range
Download Notification
Get push notification for when someone downloads from your site
Download Stats
Check all categories and packages list with download count just in a click.

Membership Options

Unlimited Membership Levels

You can create unlimited numbers of Membership levels. Members are added as a WordPress User at the subscriber level in addition to their selected membership level during registration.

Partial Content Access

Control users who should have access to content or who is forbidden to access your content. This option will enable you to make part of the post ( For example the download link ) private.

Highly Extendable

Lots of filters and action hooks which will enable a developer to extend it in many ways as per his need though we already adding all possible add-ons.

Post Access Control

WordPress Membership Plugin adds a simple meta box to “Edit Pages” screen allowing you to control access to each membership level offered. You can also control Post content via Category.

Multi-level Referrer Promotion

Full featured MLM (Multi-level Marketing) system integrated. This option can increase your affiliate sales exponentially.

Email Template Manager

Email Template Manager to easily customize all of your outgoing emails. 20+ integrated email templates and edit in place customizer.

Taxonomy Access Control

You can provide access control to any category, even custom taxonomies by attaching any category or custom taxonomy to a Membership Level.

Site-wide Lockdown

Make the full site members-only just in on click. Allow only members to see any content of the site. All visitors will see a login page until they login

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