WordPress Image Watermark Plugin

WordPress Image Watermark Plugin

WordPress Image Watermark Plugin allows you and your customer to place custom watermark or logo on the downloadable images.

WordPress Image Watermark Plugin Key Features:

Effortless Watermarking: Instantly apply watermarks to your images with a simple and intuitive interface. Customize the position, size, and opacity to ensure your branding is prominent while preserving the visual appeal of your images.

Dynamic Watermark Options: Tailor your watermark to suit different image sizes and types. With dynamic options, ensure that your watermark looks perfect on thumbnails, galleries, and full-sized images.

Protect Your Content: Safeguard your intellectual property by discouraging unauthorized use of your images. The watermark plugin acts as a digital signature, deterring potential misuse and ensuring proper attribution.

End User Customization: You can allow your customers to put their own logo image to place as watermark, it is useful when you are selling custom banners/posters where end user needed to place their own logo.

WordPress Image Watermark Settings:

WordPress Image Watermark Settings
WordPress Image Watermark Image Specific Positioning Option:

WordPress Image Watermark Image Specific Positioning Option

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WordPress Image Watermark Plugin
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