Here you can see the list of files attached to this package. Your can also change the title of any files and also give individual file password with “Password Generator”. Details for “Password Generator” is given below.

Last Updated: Jan 2, 2015


  • Karim Zuderell

    How can I remove just one file from the .zip-package?

    In this case lets say I want to remove the icon-512×512.png

    Many thanks, Karim

    • Shahjada

      That is not possible yet, but we are coming with file list improvement soon with many additional options for individual files, you will be able to do then.

  • Ole Kristian Ek Hornnes

    I would like to replace the file with a new file (new version of the same file ) – How can I do that ?

    • Shahjada

      From wpdm settings check the option “Overwrite existing file” and then if you upload the newer version of a file with the same name, the old one will be overwritten.

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