User Login form shortcode with parameter:

[wpdm_login_form logo="Logo Image URL" redirect="Redirect URL to redirect after login"]


  • redirect: optional, use an URL where you want users to redirect after login
  • logo: optional, add the logo or any image URL you want to show on top of the login form

Login Form Demo

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2017


  • Aman Jhawar

    How do i edit the parameters of this, ie. i would like to edit the register button to link to a specific registration form

    • Skye Williamson

      There is no register button. Are you looking for [wpdm_reg_form] ? That’s the register form. On the site I’m working on, I made a tabbed thing with a Login tab and a Register tab, with each of these shortcodes in their respective tab panels.

  • Dawei Goretzka

    Hello, how do I add social login to my login form? Like the one shown at the demo page? Thank you

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