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[wpdm_tag] – Query all downloads from specified tag(s)

Tag short-code with all parameters:

[wpdm_tag id="Tag Slug(s)" tag_field="slug" title="Custom Title" desc="Custom Dscription" toolbar="1" order_by="field name" order="asc or desc" items_per_page="10" template="temaplte name or ID" cols=4 colspad=2 colsphone=1]


  • id: the tag slug, it is a required parameter, in case of multiple tags use tag IDs separated by comma instead of slugs and add parameter tag_field="id"
  • title: optional, you can use any text there
  • desc: optional, you can use any text there
  • items_per_page: use any numeric value but greater than o, it is a required parameter
  • order_by: field name to sort packages, you can sort by title, download_count, create_date, update_date, or id, it's an optional parameter, if you skip this parameter “id” will be taken as default.
  • order: asc or desc, optional parameter
  • template: same as explained for package short-code
  • toolbar: 1 for showing toolbar with tag title and sorting option while showing short-code output and 0 will hide the tools
  • cols: number of columns for desktop/laptop layout, value range 1 ~ 4
  • colspad: number of columns for pad layout, value range 1 ~ 4
  • colsphone: number of columns for phone layout, value range 1 ~ 4
Last updated on Oct 4, 2023

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