Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields Plugin will enable you to use unlimited custom fields and field groups with WordPress Download Manager. You can create different custom field groups a per your package needs. This Add-on will be helpful for you if you want to show additional package information in a formatted way. Also, you can use this add-on to extend email lock feature, when need to capture additional data from site visitors.

Advanced Custom Fields Add-on Features:

  1. Create Unlimited Field Groups
  2. Create Unlimited Fields
  3. Easy to use form field generator
  4. Optional/Required form field
  5. 6 Different Field Type Support
  6. Auto generate template tag and PHP code snippet
  7. Add additional fields with user registation form
  8. Customize front-end package form
  9. Add Custom Field with Email Lock Form, you can capture additional information from user before download package
  10. Export custom data captured with email lock
  11. Custom field groups support, in case you need to collect different type info information from users for different downloads.

Admin Interface for Creating Custom Fields:

Add custom fields with wordpress download manager

Generated Meta Box Preview:

Advanced Custom Fields Admin Options Metaboxes

Add additional fields with wordpress user registration form:

Add additional fields with wordpress user registration form

Change Log:

  • Fixed an issue with user registration custom fields

  • Fixed an issue with user signup form field save
  • Upgraded dropdown field, you can use value and label in a line separated by | , like option_value|Option Label

  • Fixed required field saving issue

  • Added new option to add additional fields with user registration form

  • Fixed the issue with checkbox field

  • Fixed the warning save settings  when no fields are available

  • Fixed the warning with custom form fields

  • Added support for front-end uploader

  • Fixed issue add custom field

  • Fixed issue subscriber export with custom field
  • Improved UI

  • Fixed issue with dropdown field

  • Fixed issue with checkbox

  • Added user input requirement option ( required/optional field )
  • Custom fields are searchable now

  • Fixed is issue with input data validation with text field

  • Option to add custom field with email lock form


  • scottwgravesgmailcom

    We want to be able to display JUST the values of the the custom fields. No CSS, or goofy tables and styling.

    On a previous post, you indicate there is shortcode that will meet our needs:

    Specifically, you write: “you can show any specific custom field using short-code [wpdm_cf custom field name], for example if you just want to show the value for “File Types”, simply use [wpdm_cf File Types] , which will show the value “HTP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PNG”.

    When we use this shortcode per your instructions, it does not work: [wpdm_cf CityName]

    We also tried this shortcode and it does not work: [wpdm_cf City Name]

    When we use this shortcode: [wpdm_acf-CityName] we see a formatted table THAT WE DO NOT WANT.

    • Shaon

      Please download the add-on again to get the updated version 1.1.0 , there we have added new template tag [wpdm_acf-GroupName-FieldName] for showing specific field value

  • nurmans

    In your example, where will the product appears ? in the widget ?

  • dhewlette

    In a template, can you hide custom fields that are empty?

    I added a custom field to a link template used in the directory/search add-on. For items that do not have data in this custom field, the custom field’s shortcode displays in search results.

  • twomuch

    I want to be able to hide most of the package settings from showing on the Package settings page and the package page.
    That is i want to be able to HIDE the following.
    Link Label:
    Stock Limit:
    Download Limit:
    / user
    Reset Limit for All Users
    View Count:

    Download Count:

    Package Size:

    Allow Access:

    Individual File:
    Don’t Allow Inidividual File Download Allow Inidividual File Download
    Link Template:

    Reset Key

    I don’t want want users to see most of these because it confuses most of them. I just want users to have a straight forward upload process without complicated stuff. And i dont want it also show on the front page/Package Page.
    Can i achieve this with this addon? If not, which addon can i use to achieve this?

  • RK

    Hey, when I put a TextArea it removes some HTML formatting.
    I’m using those fields into my page template to display blocks of HTML data in a certain way, but it removes the   tag and some other probably too.

    Any workaround?

  • RK

    Also, how can you add logic in page template to check if custom field has value?

  • Hansjörg Jäckel

    Hi Simon,

    is this an specific WPDM Add-On to handle integrate the ACF PlugIn in a proper way, or is this the normal ACF PlugIn purcased by you?

  • Martino Hugo

    How to show custom Field only visitor, and do not show all Group Member

  • Kudu Srl

    we need to add custom fields in email lock request form and we need these fields to show in “Subscribers” page.

    Is it possible with this add-on??

    Thanks in advance

  • Aman Jhawar

    Does this addon allow me to add on extra fields to the registration form ?

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