WordPress Download Manager Special Pack

WordPress Download Manager Special Pack

WordPress Download Manager Special Pack boosts up the awesomeness of the WordPress Download Manager Pro. Almost 80% of the WordPress Download Manager Pro users were purchasing some specific add-ons within one week of purchasing WordPress Download Manager Pro. Some of the users requested a discount on their repeated add-on purchases. We also thought that was a reasonable request. So, we decided the make a special pack including WordPress Download Manager Pro + very frequently purchased add-ons and named it “WordPress Download Manager Special Pack” and sell it at a very affordable price.

Now you are getting it only for $199 ( Regular Prices Total $800+ ).
It is a Limited Time Offer!

This Special Pack Includes:


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  • dhewlette

    Great, done!

  • nemuelcruz

    Hi I just purchased this on 1/16/16 and the zip file is missing the directory addon…

  • Shaon

    Crypton Theme is available with Special Pack Now.

  • johnnas

    Do I get the PRO version ($45) with this pack? Or only the add-ons?

  • Chiaravalle

    Hello, Ie purchased this WPDM Special Pack and used the license key for our production site.
    1. How do I install on our TEST site? I don’t need to purchase another license do I?
    2. Also Is there way to sort packages within a category such as by package name?

    Thank you,

  • David

    I can not find the Live Forms Plugin anywhere as instructed after installing?

  • josefprado

    Can you check in my account if I´m ellegibe?

    • Shaon

      To be illegible, you need to renew wpdm pro order first, but better to get special pack rather than renewing wpdm pro.

  • PAW Webmaster

    Hello! How many domains does the Special Pack include? I’ve got several subdomains; each under a separate cPanel. Please advise. Thanks!

  • Shaon

    You need to purchase membership add-ons separately.

  • slg1129

    Is there a version of this (like Pro for Business) that can be installed on multiple sites?

    Also, we designing on a development site. If we purchase a Business license and install it on the development site AND then on the live site, does that count as two installations?

    Thank you!

    • Shaon

      Special pack is for single site only, multi-site license is not avialable for this package as our muti-site pricing for pro and all add-ons are already with a huge discount. As long is it installed in development copy, it will be counted as a separate insrallation. But whenever you need to use the key in production, you can tell us and we shall unlock it to use in new domain.

      • slg1129

        Thank you for your quick reply. Just to be sure I am clear and purchase the correct package, can you confirm this? If we have 3 live websites PLUS 3 staging/development sites, would we need the Developer package?

        • Shaon

          The point is if you get the special pack, you can keep it active in any single instance only :). So you need to keep it active in multiple instances, you need to get business or developer. If you work with staging instance first, then want to active it in product site later, we can unlock the key for you to use it with the production site and it will not be active in staging site anymore.

          • slg1129


            Thanks for your reply.

            I’m actually asking about WPDM Pro – not the special pack. I’ve submitted pre-sales questions but am still waiting for an answer and we need to move forward with this ASAP … and I don’t know where else to ask.

            I want to be able to keep the installation active in up to SIX sites (3 live, 3 staging). So my question is simply this: Do I need to purchase Developer to have SIX active installations?

            I would be so grateful for a quick reply so we can make a decision! Or maybe someone can reply to my pre-sales email. Thank you! 🙂

          • slg1129

            I’m also wondering if there’s an add-on where we could pay a few more dollars for one additional installation, without having to make the leap up to Developer.

          • Shaon

            In that case, you will need business license :).

  • electromarket

    WPDM Directory Add-on ؟
    Pack bought the plug-in (WPDM Directory Add-on) is not in it?

  • Shaon

    Please purchase the special pack and mail us pro order ID, we shall refund the pro order.

  • Diams22

    I have a question:
    Is there a way I can charge my members a percentage on the products they sell on the site?

  • Duong T Nguyen

    I’d like to purchase this pack, but I’m wondering if the $199 is a yearly subscription price? The description isn’t very clear and I see the fine print at the bottom saying it’s a yearly subscription.


  • Андрей Петрович Попов

    I need to allow users to upload files themselves. These are students. They must upload the file for the professor. Other students do not have to see each other files.

    Is that possible? I could not understand.

  • x472134

    If I buy this package, can you install all the attachments and Crypton theme in my place?
    I want to make my website like you (https://demo.wpdownloadmanager.com/wpdmpro/) site.

  • XBody Admin

    I found the Term & Condition :
    “The renewal price will be the full plugin price as published at the time of initial purchase, exclusive of any discounts.”

    What does it means according to Special Pack?
    What is the price in next year?

  • Ravi Govindan

    WordPress Download Manager Special Pack Pro Single-user installation is $199
    What is the renewal subscription amount at the end of the year?
    Please confirm.


  • Ravi Govindan


  • ngoctuyen pc


  • Jaewon Kim

    If I buy wpdm and don’t renew my subscription one year later, will the site stop working?

    • Shahjada

      Everything will be working, only support and update access will be blocked.

      • Jaewon Kim

        Thanks for the quick answer.
        I want to purchase without auto renewal. Is it possible? In this case, is the support and update valid for one year?
        I am trying to create a simple download site.
        I need the multi-file selection function of the PRO version.

        • Shahjada

          Yes, support and update will be valid for 1 year, after purchase, please send an order note from the order details page to disable auto-renewal.

          • Jaewon Kim

            I purchased wpdm-pro now. Where can I disable auto renewal?

          • Shahjada

            please send an order note from the order details page to disable auto-renewal.

          • Jaewon Kim

            Contrary to your answer, the download manager does not work after 1 year. What happened?

          • Jaewon Kim

            I did a renew to make the site work, but the site still doesn’t work.

  • Sudip Tembhurne

    How can i add such same buttons?

    • Shahjada

      They are custom designed from the theme, where are you trying to add, give me an URL to check and suggest required CSS changes.

  • Abram Lee

    Are links sent to the customer when I upload a file to their order? Are these links downloaded from the customer’s email? (This would be EXCELLENT, as that is the way I currently have it setup through my current solution). If not, where can we customize the message that is sent to the customer? I guess I would like more information on notifications to the customer after their purchase. To make this easy, I’ll number my questions:
    1. Are files uploaded to the customer’s order details shown as links in email?
    2. Can we customize order statuses?
    3. Can we customize outgoing email notifications to the buyer?


  • Shafayet

    All are pro. Pro license can be used on a single site.

  • Dani Kelly

    1. Form lock – Relative to the form which pops up to complete a download, does that form allow them to create an account they can use later upon return?
    2. Themes – Themes that come with the special pack such as Crypton, Are those ecommerce layouts that can be applied to just the back-end user profile area or do you have to apply to your whole website and thus changing the front end unauthenticated section of your website?
    3. Is there a way to allow someone to access and with a video on the backend and not download it?

  • Jaewon Kim

    I did a renew to make the site work, but the site still doesn’t work.

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