WPDM - The Movie Database
WPDM – The Movie Database Feature Preview: Swift Movie Gallery Template 1 WPDM – The Movie Database Feature Preview: WPDM The Movie Database Settings

Create your own movie gallery website easily. WPDM - The Movie Database plugin helps you to import movie database so that you don't have to handle data manually. Using this plugin you can search movies using any keyword or movie name, then import them to your site.

Also available with the WordPress Download Manager Special Pack. So, if you already have the special pack, you can download it for free from your premium download area.


  • Duong T Nguyen

    Is it possible to allow importing of additional data from TMDB like synopsis?
    Also can you add other types of entertainment like TV shows and not just movies?

    • Shahjada

      Yes, noted for the next update 🙂

      • Duong T Nguyen

        Thank you for considering!

        If possible, I’d like all available meta-data (people, movies and tv shows) from TMDB to be available and admins can select and choose what types of data they want to import into their WP installation. I’m building a site that focuses on tv shows and actors/actresses, so this would be very helpful!

        Another question: By importing this content it becomes searchable on the site, correct?

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