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Daily Download Limit Add-on for WordPress Download Manager Pro will help you to setup download limit for different user roles. And you can control the limit by a specific time period like 1 day, 7 days or any number of days you want and limit will reset for each user separately based on their role. The clock for each user will start from their first download.


  • [wpdm_user_download_limit] - Shows current user's download limit
  • [wpdm_user_download_limit remain=1] - Shows current user's remaining download limit
  • [wpdm_user_download_count] - Shows - Shows current user's download count for current period
  • [wpdm_download_limit_reset_timer] - Shows count down timer for download limit reset time


Admin Settings:

Download Limit


Comments [ 43 ]

  • Coaram

    Is it possible to add limit reset period for each user role?

    I need this option.

    Thank you.

    • Shaon

      Probably you don’t need that, as you can set different limit for different role even it resets in same period.

      • meira

        Let say I have user A in Subscriber role, I have set 60 days period to reset for this role. Let say he reach the download limit at day 20. Can I as admin reset this user manually only for him ? not for all subcriber role ?

  • Ahmad Osama

    How can I add download limit per user?

  • Drizzo2G

    This looks exactly like what I need! I’m starting a monthly subscription & I wish to upload content to a folder & allow my subscribers to download from the folder with a 2 download per month limit. This means I can set the download limit for each individual user & have it reset every month?

    • Shahriar

      You can set download limit based on user role. For example, if you set the limit to 2 downloads for subscriber role, all users with that role will have have access to 2 downloads. The limit will be reset after specified period of time.

      • Drizzo2G

        This is legendary lol, now do the subscribers create their own profiles? Do I manually create their profiles? How does the system recognize each subscriber’s role & their amount of downloads?

      • Drizzo2G

        Hello, may i please have more information? How does the program distinguish each user role? Does each user create an account or do I manually add them to a database & give them a role? i’d like to purchase this asap if it meets my needs.

        • Shaon

          To identify role user must be logged in. When user signup, they initially assign to subscriber role, but you can change it.

      • Mossad Kids

        I need to buy this plugin using paypal how to do it

        • Shahjada

          To purchase using PayPal you need to select 2check and click pay now button. In 2co checkout page, if you don’t see PayPal select a PayPal supported currency like USD.

  • chiften

    i have a question
    i want to limit download my website by each user
    for example each user can download from our site twice a day ( from all of our files)
    and users cant download all of my files in one day .
    this plugin do this action ?

  • ChumHum

    Is this add-on available in the All Add-ons pack ?

  • Melinda Kraft

    Currently our digital products are in Woocommerce with individual pricing. Is there any way to use Download Manager and this plugin without having to recreate all the products in download manager?

    We want to offer digital downloads as subscription packages. Do you have a recommendation for doing this? It sounds like this module will solve the monthly limit problem.

    With this plugin should we create custom subscriber roles for each package type (e.g. 10 downloads/month, 20/month, etc)?


  • tonyz

    Having installed this plugin, where do I find this control please?

  • swarnendu

    We are developing a ebook ecoomerce site and there will be subscriptions.
    To explain further –

    2 subscription plans

    1. 3 ebooks download per month
    2. 5 ebooks download per month

    Suppose the user buys the 2nd option ie 5 ebooks download per month. So the user can buy free any 5 ebooks which is a product on the site per month and then on he will be charged after he has used his limit. Note – the books will not be shipped. They are ebooks and the user can download them.

    Will this plugin help ?

    I would want to know before buying the plugin.

    Thanks in advance

  • Italo Spini

    Hi, I have purchase this package, BUT download limit is not inside as said…..any mistake from my side?

  • Giovanni Maria Di Leva

    is it possible to make the download button disappear when the download limit is reached? or at least allow the user to easily notice if he has already downloaded a package from the “My downloads” section (for example the download button becomes red and cannot be clicked)


    • Shahjada

      As in current version, users will see Download Limit Exceeded message instead of download link in download details page and for download link shortcode. But from next update. It will work for download limit add-on in the same way like showing in the following image:
      Download Limit

  • tonyz

    Does this feature limit total downloads?

    Is it possible to set different restrictions for free downloads and paid downloads?

    I would like to restrict download counts differently for paid and free downloads by subscription level. How would I configure that, please?

  • Adrian P

    Is there a shortcode to show the number of remaining downloads to the user?

    • Shahjada

      Yes, Added some new shortcode with the last update ( 2.4.0 ), please update your copy. Check the shortcodes in the item description above.

  • Kim Molano

    Hello, can a user re-download the files that he downloaded already after the download limit and expiration set?

    I have a membership site that has monthly payments so it will be set 30 days and max of 5 downloads.

    • Shahriar

      No, they can’t re-download the file if limit expires. It is possible in the same session but for different sessions download will be counted separately although the user is downloading the same file.

  • maldboy88

    Guys where i can see the changelog for this add-on?

  • susanna caselli

    Hi, does this component also work with the free download manager version?
    Thanks for all

  • Javier Pereira Tapia

    Our site is about pdf downloads.
    We already buy membership add-on ,now we have 3 plans.Free (2 downloads for 1 month) BASIC (5 downloads for 1 month) ; PRO (10 downloads for 1 month ) AND PREMIUM. (50 downloads for 1 month)
    We need to limit the quantity of downloads depending each plan of the member has buyed.
    Can we do that with the membership plugin premium or we need to buy Download Limit add on to?
    Also how can we test “paypal gateway” ? Thnks

  • Eduardo Rovito

    Hi again 3 questions . and thnks

    1. OKey about you say in the last post.
    But i see here can be done by user role.. can I do this for memberships to? im going to buyit in this case.

    Error says
    We are sorry, but right now we are experiencing technical problems. Try it again later.

    3. Do I have an option to translate to Spanish all the plugin?

  • Eduardo Rovito

    i mean in Javier Pereira Tapia post is my payed user here.

  • Eduardo Rovito

    Hi again please still got this doubts, can you tell ma about this ! thanks you very much.

    1.Download Limit add-on too (i can limit download by roles but i can limit downloads by memberships how can i do this?)
    2.Spanish version for plugin and add ons? o i can activate that?

    • Shahjada

      Membership add-on doesn’t have download limit option. Download limit add-on will manage the download limit for membership plans or any other regular role. The main plugin is translation ready, Also, Spanish translation is mostly ready and included ( download-manager-es_ES.po ).

  • shuk yi Chan

    Hi, How to set the times of downloads be automatically updated when the member renews?

    • W3 Eden

      Download limit will reset automatically on the reset period as you configured in download limit add-on options. You also reset any user’s download limit manually from the users list ( Admin Menu >> Users ).

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