Download Limit

Daily Download Limit Add-on for WordPress Download Manager Pro will help you to setup a global or per package download limit. You can set different limit for different user roles.





  • Coaram

    Is it possible to add limit reset period for each user role?

    I need this option.

    Thank you.

  • Ahmad Osama

    How can I add download limit per user?

  • Drizzo2G

    This looks exactly like what I need! I’m starting a monthly subscription & I wish to upload content to a folder & allow my subscribers to download from the folder with a 2 download per month limit. This means I can set the download limit for each individual user & have it reset every month?

    • Shahriar

      You can set download limit based on user role. For example, if you set the limit to 2 downloads for subscriber role, all users with that role will have have access to 2 downloads. The limit will be reset after specified period of time.

      • Drizzo2G

        This is legendary lol, now do the subscribers create their own profiles? Do I manually create their profiles? How does the system recognize each subscriber’s role & their amount of downloads?

      • Drizzo2G

        Hello, may i please have more information? How does the program distinguish each user role? Does each user create an account or do I manually add them to a database & give them a role? i’d like to purchase this asap if it meets my needs.

  • chiften

    i have a question
    i want to limit download my website by each user
    for example each user can download from our site twice a day ( from all of our files)
    and users cant download all of my files in one day .
    this plugin do this action ?

  • ChumHum

    Is this add-on available in the All Add-ons pack ?

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