Download Limit

Daily Download Limit Add-on for WordPress Download Manager Pro will help you to setup a global or per package download limit. You can set different limit for different user roles.





  • Coaram

    Is it possible to add limit reset period for each user role?

    I need this option.

    Thank you.

  • Ahmad Osama

    How can I add download limit per user?

  • Drizzo2G

    This looks exactly like what I need! I’m starting a monthly subscription & I wish to upload content to a folder & allow my subscribers to download from the folder with a 2 download per month limit. This means I can set the download limit for each individual user & have it reset every month?

    • Shahriar

      You can set download limit based on user role. For example, if you set the limit to 2 downloads for subscriber role, all users with that role will have have access to 2 downloads. The limit will be reset after specified period of time.

      • Drizzo2G

        This is legendary lol, now do the subscribers create their own profiles? Do I manually create their profiles? How does the system recognize each subscriber’s role & their amount of downloads?

      • Drizzo2G

        Hello, may i please have more information? How does the program distinguish each user role? Does each user create an account or do I manually add them to a database & give them a role? i’d like to purchase this asap if it meets my needs.

  • chiften

    i have a question
    i want to limit download my website by each user
    for example each user can download from our site twice a day ( from all of our files)
    and users cant download all of my files in one day .
    this plugin do this action ?

  • ChumHum

    Is this add-on available in the All Add-ons pack ?

  • Melinda Kraft

    Currently our digital products are in Woocommerce with individual pricing. Is there any way to use Download Manager and this plugin without having to recreate all the products in download manager?

    We want to offer digital downloads as subscription packages. Do you have a recommendation for doing this? It sounds like this module will solve the monthly limit problem.

    With this plugin should we create custom subscriber roles for each package type (e.g. 10 downloads/month, 20/month, etc)?


  • tonyz

    Having installed this plugin, where do I find this control please?

  • swarnendu

    We are developing a ebook ecoomerce site and there will be subscriptions.
    To explain further –

    2 subscription plans

    1. 3 ebooks download per month
    2. 5 ebooks download per month

    Suppose the user buys the 2nd option ie 5 ebooks download per month. So the user can buy free any 5 ebooks which is a product on the site per month and then on he will be charged after he has used his limit. Note – the books will not be shipped. They are ebooks and the user can download them.

    Will this plugin help ?

    I would want to know before buying the plugin.

    Thanks in advance

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