WPDM Default Values

WPDM Default Values add-on will help you setup/populate default values for package settings so that you don't have to repeat those every time you create a new package and you can clone existing package in one click to create another, which could save your time significantly :)


WordPress Download Manager Default Values Addon

Change log:

[panel title="Version 1.7.1 | Released on May 28, 2019" class="panel-default panel-logs"]

  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Added lazy download add-on support

[/panel][panel title="Version 1.7.0 | Released on Feb 09, 2018" class="panel-default panel-logs"]

  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Added Front-end Support
  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Custom Icon Support
  • [label class="warning" caption="Fix!"] Fixed Bulk Update bug in access settings

[/panel][panel title="Version 1.6.0 | Released on May 24, 2017" class="panel-default panel-logs"]

  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Added Term Lock selection option

[/panel][panel title="Version 1.5.0 | Released on Jan 11, 2016" class="panel-default panel-logs"]

  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Added default lock selection option

[/panel][panel title="Version 1.4.0 | Released on Oct 05, 2015" class="panel-default panel-logs"]

  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Added bulk update option for a fields


Comments [ 22 ]

  • Claude5670


    Even i changed the allow access role it still revert to “All Visitor” role when im adding new package.

    • Shaon

      we have fixed the issue, please update to latest version.
      FYI: You simply need to download again to get the latest version

  • psaux

    I already have a site with wpdm and a lot of packages.. this plugin will change settings for all packages or only the ones added after i install this plugin?

  • archatlweb

    The icon section of this addon doesn’t appear to save which icon was selected.

  • it@astc.nt.gov.au

    so does this version (1.3.0) have the “mass update” feature?
    or is it still to be released?

    • Shaon

      No Yet, but as we promised, bulk update feature will be added within this month ( hopefully within next week ).

  • it@astc.nt.gov.au

    Any more information on the update Shaon?

  • it@astc.nt.gov.au

    My maaan! Thanks Shaon, Love your work!

  • it@astc.nt.gov.au

    the only complaint Shaon, is that you cant mass update the icons…. anyway you could twerk this to make it be able to?

  • tampabaynews

    Installed the plugin but the “default values” tab is not showing?

  • khalil

    This will not help me out if I have used the “insert package” button in the page editor and set a link template here?

  • thebigb

    So, there’s no default option choice for templates in the pro version and I’ve got to extra buy this add-on? Mmmh?

  • Brandyn Sparks

    Do the default values not work in the front end “Add New” section? They work in the backend fine just not the front!

  • Virginia Dahms

    I want to add a role to the “Allow Access” part of my documents already on my site. Would this Add-On let me add the role to my documents all at once instead of going in to add the role one by one?

    • Shahjada

      You can use allow access field for all files in a single click using this add-on, but it will not marge new role with the current value, it will erase the current value and update it using the new value.

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WPDM Default Values
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