WordPress Amazon S3 Storage Plugin

WordPress Amazon S3 Storage Plugin for Download Manager will help you to store your file at Amazon s3 from WordPress Download Manager admin area with full featured bucket browser interface. You can create and explore buckets and upload file directly to Amazon s3 and link file from amazon s3 with your package. If you add multiple files with a package enable individual file download.

WordPress Amazon S3 Storage plugin Key Features:

  • Explore Amazon S3 files
  • Create New Bucket
  • Upload File to Amazon S3
  • Create Temporary Download Link with expiration period

WordPress Amazon S3 Storage Plugin Usage:

  • Settings:
    Go to Admin Menu >> Downloads >> Settings >> Cloud Storage Tab to configure Amazon S3:Amazon S3 For WordPress Download Manager
    Enter Access key and secret key, then Save Settings
  • Full Featured WordPress Amazon S3 File Manager
    WordPress Amazon S3 Storage Plugin for Download Manager
  • Explore & Attach Files:
    In add/edit package window, you will see a new meta box like following image:

    From here you need to click on dir name in dir tree to see the file list and click on the file name to attach a file with the package, user "Create Bucket" button for creating a new bucket and "Upload File" button to upload a file directly to amazon s3.


  • Added multi-account support
  • Fixed an issue with file name

  • Fixed an issue with download stats

  • Compatibility release for WordPress Download Manager Pro 4.7.4

  • Fixed the issue aws file explorer

  • Fixed the issue with file upload to S3

  • Compatibility update of WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.6.6

  • Fixed issue with special chars in dir name

  • Fixed issue with object explorer in tree view


  • gjbbo

    Does the add-on supports expiring or signed URLs ?

  • welswebmaster

    To use the Amazon S3, do you need to activate Amazon Cloudfront – thus using it as a CDN? WPEngine provides CDN hookup for any cloud service we’d like. If I did use the WP Engine version would I be able to upload my WPDM files there? What about for use with multisite (and the whole duplicate ID issue)?

    • Shaon

      This add-on has separate settings and functions for browsing aws files, creating dir, uploading file and attaching file from aws with your package. but I’m not sure exactly how WP Engine version works.

  • ME service

    Hi, I am using this add-on now.

    I attached 2 files which are added from Amazon S3 file source.
    When clicking download, I only got a 0 byte file.
    Individual download worked properly.

    Any suggestion?

    • Shaon

      If you add multiple files from amazon s3, full package download will skip s3 files, as for multi-file package download, need to create a zip files from attached file and that required all files to be stored in same server, so it simply skips any remote file.
      So the solution there, is to enable single file download so that use can download each file separately.

  • inertiaim

    Where are the release notes for your add-ons so we can see what was changed/fixed/improved?

  • autozak

    Does the PDF stamper play well with this add-on? If so, where are the files stamped. Presumably, they pass from Amazon to my server and then on to the customer?

  • tom_robinson

    I am having trouble with downloads over 150kb in Google Chrome. When a user tries to download a simple PDF, there is an error, “Failed to load PDF document”. The file downloads fine in I.E. and Firefox. Please help me fix this ASAP. Thanks.

    • tom_robinson

      I take it back, there wasn’t a file size that I identified. I was able to download a PDF file that was 505KB. There is some kind of restriction somewhere that is preventing me from downloading a file. I am able to download some PDFs, but not others.

  • Bob Munlemvo

    I have download the plugin, and I can access to my bucket and its content.
    I want to deliver mp3 amd mp4 files stored on Amazon S3. How can I create temporary link using the plugin? I don’t see any documentation …

  • Bob Munlemvo

    ok, is it possible to see the generated link for a file to download, so I could use it with woocommerce for example?
    I want to have a temporary link that people who order my product will receive to download their product at the end of the selling process.

  • Joe Sko

    I cant figure out where to go after I install the plugin? There are no instructions in the downloaded file.

  • Eric Cunningham

    Is there a way to specify just one bucket as opposed to seeing a list of all buckets that I am seeing in the “WordPress Amazon S3 Storage Plugin Usage” screenshots under “Explore Buckets”? For instance, I am using a shared amazon account, and currently it would display all buckets, however in other S3 plugins I have used, I can generally focus on just one bucket. I wasn’t sure if that was possible with this add-on.

    Also is there a way to specify the access or secret key in code as opposed to in a setting? I tend to prefer to not put these types of settings in the admin but rather through environment variables.

  • JOSÉ

    Hi Shaon,

    It is possible to force the generation of “https” link to S3 bucket instead “http”?

    Example: https://{bucket}.s3.amazonaws.com/{directory}/{file}?AWSAccessKeyId={key}&Expires={expire}&Signature={signature}

    Can I make the necessary modifications in wpdm-amazon-s3.php file?

    Thanks and regards,

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