WordPress Amazon S3 Storage Plugin

WordPress Amazon S3 Storage Plugin for Download Manager will help you to store your file at Amazon s3 from WordPress Download Manager admin area with full featured bucket browser interface. You can create and explore buckets and upload file directly to Amazon s3 and link file from amazon s3 with your package. If you add multiple files with a package enable individual file download.

WordPress Amazon S3 Storage plugin Key Features:

  • Explore Amazon S3 files
  • Create New Bucket
  • Upload File to Amazon S3
  • Create Temporary Download Link with expiration period

WordPress Amazon S3 Storage Plugin Usage:

  • Settings:
    Go to Admin Menu >> Downloads >> Settings >> Cloud Storage Tab to configure Amazon S3:
    Enter Access key and secret key, then Save Settings 
  • Full Featured WordPress Amazon S3 File Manager
    WordPress Amazon S3 Storage Plugin for Download Manager
  • Explore & Attach Files:
    In add/edit package window, you will see a new meta box like following image:

    From here you need to click on dir name in dir tree to see the file list and click on the file name to attach a file with the package, user "Create Bucket" button for creating a new bucket and "Upload File" button to upload a file directly to amazon s3.


  • Fixed the issue with file upload to S3

  • Compatibility update of WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.6.6

  • Fixed issue with special chars in dir name

  • Fixed issue with object explorer in tree view


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