Page template used to show detailed data of a specific package. As package is a custom post type, every package details page (ie. its like WordPress single post or page view) use page template associated with it to display formatted content.


In the front end, this package looks like this:

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Last Updated: Oct 19, 2015



    Is it possible to set all packages to the same template rather than individually change package templates?

    • Shaon

      If you check Short-codes docs , you will see there is an option to apply template from short-code and you can use Advanced TinyMce add-on to generate short-code and there also an option to select template. So if you need to change template you don’t have to go though edit package window.

      Also you can use this add-on Default Values to set default values for package so that, if you want to apply any specific template and other data for each package, you don’t have to enter those repeatedly. Anyhow next update of that add-on will have option to change all package settings data like template, link label in a single click. So probably Default Values add-on is the solution for you 🙂

  • id31media


    I have a question to the template for detail single view!

    My template has different templates for some sites! WPDM use the single post site for detail view. Where can i change the template?


  • RK

    Is it possible to bypass Page template and go directly to download?
    I use lazy download plugin, so I already have some landing page.

  • arcweb

    When I create a custom template (link or page) from a clone and then use that template ID in a shortcode (such as [wpdm_package id=”208″ template=”55db877cc85cf”] , the page just renders the template id “55db877cc85cf” and nothing else. What am I doing wrong here?

  • GeorgeCharonitakis

    Guys. Hi and thanks for the nice plugin… sorry if you answered this before… but is it possible to make a page template that when rendered the statistics table and download link are AFTER the post text?

    I use your code to display 38 files to download in one package and the list is so large that the user has to scroll down to go the description of the page… I would prefer the description to be above the statistic table / download links


    • Shahriar

      Yes, you can arrange the package information as you want. Use a custom page template. You can clone ( From Downloads >> Templates >> Page Template Tab ) the current page template you using now. Then move the [description] tag above the table code and save it. Now in your package settings set this as page template. That will move the description to the top.

  • Mirko

    Hi There,

    if i activate password protection for a package / file, i get to password field in the frontend.
    this will confuse the user…

    any idea to fix this?


  • Ricardo Jimenez

    Hi there.

    How can I remove the arrow in the download page that take me to the next or previous downloads?


    • Shahriar

      You have to edit your theme’s single.php template. Find the navigation section and remove it. You can ask your theme developer to help you with this issue.

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