Just install this add-on: WPDM Image Button

WPDM – Image Button add-on will help you to replace the text (link label) in download link with a image button. Though, add-on packed with many excellent image buttons already, still there is a option to upload your own button images.


  1. Install and activate image button add-on.
  2. Go to admin menu >> Downloads >> Settings >> Buttons Tab
  3. Select (just click) a button image
  4. Or upload your own image and select
  5. Save Changes

That’s all. All of your download link should show with that image.

Admin Option Screenshot:
Image Button

Last Updated: Jan 20, 2014


  • David Wellman

    I’ve just installed v4.6 (from earlier version – I think 4.2) and the download buttons have changed their style.

    I found this page which I thought would give me what I need, but the screen shot above (of the ‘buttons page’) doesn’t exist on v4.6.
    In the screen shot above, the ‘download manager’ settings has 5 sections: Basic / License / Amazon / FTP / Image Button.

    On v4.6 I still have 5 sections but they are: Basic / Front End / Social Settings / Updates / License. I looked under ‘front end’ but couldn’t find anything.

    Can we still change the button style? Our customers have got used to the old style, the colour scheme fits with the rest of our site.


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