Lazy Download Add-on

Lazy Download Add-on for WordPress Download Manager Pro will enable you to set a time delay before the download starts. You can set different time delays for different user roles. Additionally, you can select where a package should apply the time delay or not.

Admin Option for Configuring Time Delay:


Enable/Disable Lazy Download for a Package:


For lazy download enabled packages, visitors will be redirected to waiting page. The wait page will show a waiting time progress bar like the following image:

Progress Bar - Lazy Download - WordPress Download Manager


Or a countdown timer like the following image based on your selection:

CountDown Timer - Lazy Download - WordPress Download Manager


From the admin option, you can select front-end option for progress bar or countdown timer.

In the page content, you will have to use the shortcode [wpdm_lazy_download] to show the waiting time progress bar. You can add your own content like tracking code, ads or anything above or below of short-code or in both places.

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