WordPress eCommerce Pack - Digital Store Solution

WordPress eCommerce Pack includes all necessary tools for building your digital store or marketplace. If you want to build a online shop for selling your own digital items or want to build a marketplace where you will give option to other peoples for selling their digital goods, this WordPress eCommerce Pack is a perfect solution for you. Lets checkout the tools included with this pack.

WordPress Download Manager eCommerce Pack Includes:

WordPress Download Manager Pro

To manage your all digital items, from where you will start building your eCommerce site.

Premium Package

This add-on add shopping cart feature with download manager plugin. This  will help you to set a price for file and sell it. Moreover WPDM Premium Package provides simplest OneStep checkout process, which certainly will increase the ratio of sales then any other solution with complex checkout process. Checkout the premium package add-on page for full feature list.

 Pre-Paid Credits

Pre-Paid Credit add-on for WordPress Download Manager Pro along with Premium Package add-on will enable your site members to add fund in their account and later they can use that fund to purchase from your marketplace. You will be able to setup different credit pack from admin options. Simply its like prepaid credit option at codecanyon or themeforest marketplace. Checkout the Pre-Paid Credit add-on page for full feature list.

Multilevel Affiliates

Multilevel Affiliates add-on will help you on affiliate recruitment, management and tracking while you are using WordPress Download Manager along with Premium Package Add-on.  This add-on has an special feature to implement Multi-Level Referral Commission sharing option, which will boost up your sales. The Multi-Level Referring Promotion feature use a marketing model similar to MLM. Where you can set multiple layer of commission for top level referrer. A top level referrer will able to earn commission from multiple sales even simply referring to one person which will certainly encourage him to refer your product at least to a potential client. And here the magic is, each user is a top level user in his referring tree. So what I say,  this plugin can increase your sale 10 times more then any other plugin as well as managing your membership is a better way then others.

Payment Gateways

Included Payment Gateways:

Extra Add-ons:


This pack also includes some awesome theme:

Finally we also can take full responsibility for setting up your site for a fee as small as $75.00 when you site back there.


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