User Review Add-on

User Review Add-on for WordPress Download Manager Pro will enable your site visitor to rate and review download packages. User-submitted reviews will be saved with pending status. Admin gets an email notification when someone posts a new review. Site admin can moderate any review and publish it.

List of Template Tags to use with Link/Page Template:

  • [wpdm_reviews] - will generate the complete review UI
  • [avg_rating] - will show the average rating for a package
  • [rating_stars] - will show the rating option for a package with ★ symbols

Front-end Screenshot:

By default to submit a review a user must meet the following requirements,

  1.  Must be logged in
  2.  Have access to the package
  3.  Have already downloaded the package
  4.  If package is premium, have already purchased the package

But if you want you can change these restrictions using the following filters.

add_filter('wpdm_review_login_required', function (){ return false; } );
add_filter('wpdm_review_package_access_required', function (){ return false; } );
add_filter('wpdm_review_purchase_required', function (){ return false; } );
add_filter('wpdm_review_download_required', function (){ return false; } );

Front-end Screenshot:


Version 1.6.0 | Released on Sep 16, 2019
  • New! Added custom template support for review form, review summary, and single review.
  • New! Added 4 new filters to restrict user's review capability based on login status, download, purchase, and access option.
Version 1.5.0 | Released on July 4, 2017
  • New! Added email notification feature
Version 1.3.3 | Released on May 14, 2016
  • New! Added package link in Rating Info metabox
Version 1.3.2 | Released on Jan 31, 2016
  • Fix! [rating_stars] template tag was being rendered 2 times

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User Review Add-on
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