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Campaign Monitor Subscription add-on for WordPress Download Manager Pro gives you an option to add download manager subscribers to your Campaign Monitor list directly without any extra hassle. You simply need to enable email lock for a package. So when user will enter their email address to download the package the email automatically will be added to your selected Campaign Monitor list.

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[panel title="Version 1.2.0 | Released on Nov 19, 2016" class="panel-default panel-logs"]

  • [label class="warning" caption="Fix!"] Email was not being listed as subscriber when Ask Visitor's name was unchecked in email lock settings

[/panel][panel title="Version 1.0.0 | Released on Aug 24, 2015" class="panel-default panel-logs"]

  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Initial release


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  • Version1.2.0
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  • UpdatedJul 13, 2019
Campaign Monitor Subscription
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