WPDM Extended Short-codes

WPDM Extended Short-codes add-on will give you a better experience in using WordPress Download Manager Pro.  We will be adding new short-codes in every update.

Short-code List:

[wpdm_tree]generates a tree view of all categories and packages, if you want to use it for a specific category, then: [wpdm_tree category="category-slug"], for direct download link use additional parameter download_link=1. You can also set orderby ( title, date, modified ) and order ( asc, desc) parameter for packages inside a category folder.
Demo: http://demo.wpdownloadmanager.com/wpdmpro/tree-view/
[wpdm_slider id="1,2,3..."]generates image slider.
Demo: http://demo.wpdownloadmanager.com/wpdmpro/slider/
[wpdm_carousel category="category-id"]generates carousel using the packages from the selected category, if you don't use any category id, then will show new packages.
[popup_link]this is not a short-code, but template tag, you can use it with link or page template if you want to open the package link in a bootstrap modal popup.
Please use Advanced TinyMce Button add-on for generating short-codes


  • Fixed the issue with CSS class conflict with some themes

  • Fixed the issue with `array_shift` function

  • Added orderby ( title, modified, date ) and order ( asc, desc ) parameter in tree shortcode


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