WPDM Directory Add-on

WordPress Download Manager Directory Add-on will help WordPress Download Manager users to show all categories and downloads on a single page with different styles.

WordPress Download Manager Directory Add-on Setup Instructions:


Upload/Install from Admin Menu Plugins Add New Upload , Just the same way as other WordPress plugins.


[wpdm-archive button_style="default" link_template="link-template-panel" items_per_page="10" category="category-slug" order_by="field-name" order="asc or desc" login=1]

Use the shortcode inside page or post content to show directory like interface for WordPress Download Manager


— cat_view: `hidden` or `compact` or `extended` or `sidebar`
— buton_style: `
default` or `success` or `info` or `warning` or `danger` or `primary` or `inverse`
— link_template: any link template id ( optional parameter )
— category: use any category slug here if you want to create an archive page for that specific category or don't use the parameter
— order_by: `package_size_b` or `date` or `modified` or `download_count` or `view_count` or `title`
— order: `asc` or `desc`
— login: 1, use this parameter if you want to make the shortcode members only / login protected. Otherwise, you may skip this parameter.


[wpdm-categories] - Use the short-code inside page or post content to show all categories

[wpdm-categories subcat="1" showcount="0" cols=3]


— subcat: Show ( 1 ) or Hide ( 0 ) sub-categories
— showcount:
Show ( 1 ) or Hide ( 0 ) number of packages in a category
— cols: Number of columns

For Showing Tags:

[wpdm-tags cols="1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 6" icon="font-awesome-icon-name-only, for example: tag, cube, check..."  btnstyle="primary | default | warning | success | info | inverse"]

Generates advanced search page:

[wpdm-search-page cols="1 or 2 or 3 or 4" items_per_page="10" link_template="link-template-id" position="top or left or right"]

additionally, there is a search box widget for searching downloads.


Please use Advanced TinyMce Button Add-on to generate short-codes properly, short-code options are marked in following image:

wpdm archive page addon shortcode generator

Editing Template Files:

If you want to customize a view in your own way, you need to edit template files inside /plugins/wpdm-arhive-page/tpls/ dir. Please follow the following steps to edit a template file so that new update doesn't erase your changes:

  1. Create a dir named download-manager inside your active theme directory if it is already not there.
  2. Copy all the files you need to modify  from /plugins/wpdm-arhive-page/tpls/ dir to download-manager inside your active theme dir
  3. Update template file(s) in {active-theme}/download-manager dir as per your need


WPDM Directory Add-on Demo:

WPDM Directory Add-on demo links:


  • Added category hirarchy in compact view category dropdown

  • Added new shortcode parameter login=1 , in case, you want to make the page login protected.

  • Fixed mutiple shortcode usage issue with archive page sidebar view

  • Fixed category dropdown issue in compact view

  • Fixed package not found issue when search keyword combined with order by parameter ( download count, size, view )

  • Fixed items per page issue with sidebar layout

  • Fixed search issue that occurred when using custom database prefix

  • Fixed search issue in multi-site
  • Fixed few minor issues in advanced search

  • Fixed icon path issue with sidebar view

  • Added sidebar view for advanced search page
  • Improved search option to search by keyword within a category
  • Improved search option to search by keyword within a file list

  • Compatibility release for WordPress 4.3


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