WPDM Accordion

Generates multilevel accordion menu using WordPress Download Manager Categories and Packages. You simply need to use short-code [wpdm-accordion] to show the accordion. However here is the short-code with all possible parameters:

[wpdm-accordion template="link-template-id" cats="catid1,id2,id3" cat_style="info" subcat_style="default" orderby="download_count" order="desc" ]


  • template: you may use this parameter to specific link template for packages
  • cats: use category ids separated by comma if you want to show accordion for specific categories
  • cat_style: top level accordion style
  • subcat_style: inner level accordion style
  • orderby: if you want to sort package by specific field
  • order: sorting order, asc or desc

Short-code Generator:

Use TinyMce button add-on to generate the accordion short-code:
WPDM Accordion Short-code

Live Demo:


  • Applied hide everything option for accordion categories

  • Fixed referrer issue with ajax request

  • Fixed Font Awesome CSS link

  • Fixed "orderby" parameter name in short-code generator

  • Fixed template path issue

  • Compatibility release for WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.5.0

  • Added support sub categories when you using category id with accordion
  • Added sorting option of packages inside accordion
  • Added new parameters for accordion style
  • Added support for tinymce button add-on to generate short-code easily

  • Added support for link template
  • Added missing font-awesome icons


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