WP-Filebase Data Importer

WP-Filebase Data Importer for WordPress Download Manager. You asked for this and here it is now :)

Please follow the steps to import data:

  1. Install & activate Wordpress Download Manager
  2. Install & activate this addon
  3. please go to Admin Menu >> Download >> Settings >> Filebase Import:
    filebase import settings
  4. Check the files you want to import
  5. Click "Save Setting"
  6. Done

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  • welswebmaster

    Is Filebase another external db app or can you import download packages from one site to another?

    • Shafayet

      Filebase was a WordPress plugin, but they discontinued their support and many of the filebase users requested for this addon to migrate to wpdm.

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WP-Filebase Data Importer
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