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Android App For WordPress Download Manager

Using WordPress Download Manager App you can check download stats, sales stats and some other wpdm admin options easily from your android device. Please install WPDM API add-on where you have installed WordPress Download Manager Pro. The API add-on will enable remote access to your wpdm data from the android app securely.

  1. Install & activate WPDM API add-on
  2. Go to Admin Menu >> Downloads >> Settings >> REST API
  3. Install the Android App from the play store
  4. Go to App Menu >> Connect New Site
  5. Enter your site URL and API key or scan the QR code from step #2
  6. You can connect all of your sites in the same way from same device
  7. Done & Enjoy!


Comments [ 6 ]

  • richardwing

    Does the store owners use this to track their own sales from their own stores or is this only for the marketplace owner?

    • Shaon

      For now, only marketplace owner, but we are extending the api add-on for store owners to, hopefully will be done within next 2 weeks, then store owners also will have their own api key and can use the app to tack their sale. We are also adding push notification option with the app, so that the app user get a push notification immediately after a sale or a download or as he setup his notification preference.

  • Kendy

    It does not work. Disagree version. Please Help

  • Antonio Maraucci

    i can’t download the app, not work?

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