The Next

The Next is not just Yet Another WordPress Theme. No matter what type of site you need to build, this is the next and last WordPress Theme you will ever need.


No matter what type of site you need to build, everything is packed with this. Many pre-designed layouts, UI modules and many more.

The Next - WordPress Theme to Meet All of Your Needs


  • Fixed HTTPS url issue
  • Optimized front-end CSS
  • Upgraded theme options


  • Fixed an issue with dynamic layout option
  • Fixed an issue with page settings


  • Upgraded Theme Options
  • Added dynamic widget are builder in theme option
  • Added dynamic layout option


  • Upgraded Theme Options
  • Added dynamic widget are builder in theme option
  • Added dynamic layout option


  • Updated Pricing Table Plugin
  • Fixed an issue with MiniMax tab module


  • Improved a few MiniMax layout builder modules
  • Added New Template for search result pages


  • Initial Pro Version Release


  • Free Version

Comments [ 12 ]

  • ryanvolap

    Hi! I’ve just bought The Next theme from you guys.
    The theme looks great, but where can I turn off the layout type panel?
    I don’t want it show up automatically every time I click to a new page.

    • Shaon

      Please update ( download again to get the latest version ), we have removed it already from product copy.

  • zick123

    provides custom function to bbPress?

  • craigriches

    Do you have any support doc’s for the use of The Link theme? I have just purchased it but cant find any

  • craigriches

    In Step 5 of the Install instructions it says install WooCommerce if needed, i presume you dont include this? It also says you include Live Form Pro plugin with the theme, but I cant find it included???

    • Shaon

      actually the theme also included woocommerce templates, but you don’t need those. However for live form, please open account at and post in their forum, they will activate your access. Anyhow we could add it with theme pack, but as live form support will be provided from forum, so, you need to post there anyhow.

      • craigriches

        why then do you say in your advertising that The Next theme includes this plugin? As well as WP Pro Membership plugin? I couldnt find that either in the listed plugins. I couldnt find the 20+ page templates, pre-designed theme headers or page headers. Neither could I find the Integrated UI module drag and drop content builder, and I couldnt find reference to it in the Docs page.
        Actually, have to say v poor documentation on the whole.
        ๐Ÿ™ not happy with my purchase.

        • Shaon

          the next doesn’t include wpdm pro, but you will get WP Pro Membership plugin with this theme, you simply need to signup to to get your copy, anyhow I’m adding the membership plugin with the pack from next update.

          Install MiniMax ( attached with the pack ) to page builder ( follow the steps here ).

          To use pre-desgined templates you simply need to use import layout button ( you will see that after clicking minimax tab ):
          Import Layout

          And we are still working on detailed docs.

          Also if you need to can do full setup for you for free.

  • RK

    Why do you say it includes Pricing table pro, it’s not true and you need to purchase it separately, 16$.
    Not really happy.

  • Manuel Adriano

    demo date is possible? thanks

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