WPDM - File Cart

WPDM - File Cart Add-on will help your site users to select random files from different packages and download the selected files as a custom package.  This is only will work with WordPress Download Manager Pro. You need to Enable Single File Download and use file_list tag in your page template for button to appear. Note that, File Cart will not work for locked/private packages.


And if you want to keep file cart outside of dashboard , in a publicly accessible page, use short-code [wpdm_file_cart]


  • Added to option for floating file cart button

  • Added new tags for link/page template [addto_file_cart], [addto_file_cart_sm], [addto_file_cart_lg], it adds full package to cart instead of single file

  • Compatibility release WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.7.4

  • Compatibility release WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.7.2

  • Added Email Cart option.


  • Pombad

    What is the shortcode for the ‘Add to Cart’ button???

  • zonew3


    Is it possible to have the + or Add to Cart button aapear when I’m using the [wpdm-all-packages] shortcode on a regular WP page? My client wants the sortable/searchebale files list.

    [wpdm-all-packages jstable="1"]


  • Rick Yager

    Will this plugin’s functionality integrate with the email sharing in the File Hosting and Sharing Plugin? I need the ability to have people add downloads to their cart and then email them to a third party.

  • John Buhman

    Is there a possibility to add the [file_list] to a custom Page template? I’d like to be able to add an entire package to the file cart.

    • John Buhman

      I found the solution that I was looking for but now I have another question that I hope will be answered soon.

      Currently I have my page list the items they can add to the cart, is there a way to have the cart auto load the selected items instead of requiring a refresh for the items to show up in the cart? Possibly through AJAX

      • Shahriar

        User have to go to the file cart page to download the product, so page reload happening anyway.

        If user opens cart page and then adds more file, those files are also added to package , even he does not refresh the page before download.

        However, showing added files in second case would be a nice feature, so noted for implementation.

  • mmccumber

    What exactly do you mean by “File Cart will not work for locked/private packages.” Are you referring to locked files or files posted to a members only area (using BuddyPress)?

    • Shahriar

      You can lock downloads using one of WPDM’s lock options ( EMail,Password, Social etc ). Here locked packages term are refereed to those packages that used one of WPDM lock.

  • tudor

    Will this work with the Form Lock add-on. I mean will the users be able to select the files they want within the form that needs to be validated before the custom download starts? Thanks

  • domain admin

    I’m using a link template with the checkboxes for each item to ‘add to cart’ – how on earth do I output/display the ‘download all’ button that downloads all of the items checked/selected?


    • Shaon

      You can access to cart page in 2 ways,
      #1, you can use short-code [wpdm_file_cart] , if you want to keep that page public
      #2, otherwise, logged in users can access to that page from User Dashboard >> File Cart

      • domain admin

        Thanks for the prompt reply, that works great.

        I’ve added the shortcode underneath the items on the same page. Is there an option to auto-show the cart once a user has added something to it? At present I need to fully reload the page to view the cart and it’s contents.

        Many thanks

  • domain admin

    In the file cart instead of [SUNSET.JPG] etc I want to show the title set for that download, e.g.


    Is this variable available to output in the cart? If so what is it called?

    many thanks!

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