Advanced Access Control

Advanced Access Control add-on will help you to control user specific access to your files and document downloads.  When you want only selected users to allow access to a download, this add-on will give you the option to select those specific users easily and block all other users from a download.

How to use Advanced Access Control:

  • Download and install the add-on
  • Activate it from WordPress plugin manager
  • Now go to Dashboard >> Downloads >> Add New
  • Now there you will see a new option to select username under Package Settings (  This field is labeled as Select Members )
  • All downloads/packages assigned to a user is listed in User Dashboard >> My Downloads Tab
  • If you want, you can create a special page using shortcode[wpdm_my_downloads login=1 template="template-id" cols="1 or 2 or 3 or 4"]or[wpdm_my_downloads login=1]to list all packages assigned to a specific user - this shortcode is useful when you want to create user specific download area or members area.

Front-end Demo:

Standalone page:
Login: demo/demo

User dashboard page:
Login: demo/demo



[panel title="Version 2.8.3 | Released on Mar 20, 2019" class="panel-default panel-logs" open="1"]

  • [label class="warning" caption="Fix!"] Warning in My Downloads page
  • [label class="warning" caption="Fix!"] Fixed the package details page link in My Downloads page

[/panel][panel title="Version 2.8.2 | Released on Jan 07, 2019" class="panel-default panel-logs" open="1"]

  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Compatibility update for the latest version of WordPress Download Manager

[/panel][panel title="Version 2.8.1 | Released on Dec 29, 2018" class="panel-default panel-logs" open="1"]

  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Compatibility update for the membership plugin

[/panel][panel title="Version 2.8.0 | Released on Dec 16, 2018" class="panel-default panel-logs" open="1"]

  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Added new option to control category access

[/panel][panel title="Version 2.7.0 | Released on May 24, 2017" class="panel-default panel-logs" open="1"]

  • [label class="warning" caption="Fix!"] Fixed dashboard tab URL issue which is originated from My Downloads Tab.
  • [label class="success" caption="New!"] Now Advanced Access Control works on Frontend Author Dashboard.


Comments [ 50 ]

  • maldboy88

    i like this post for 1 reason…for the video tutorial,you should to add video tutorial on all addons,to make it easy for us and to desepear some stupid questions we do on you

  • CHUH

    Will this allow me to restrict access to a category to groups? Or would I still need to make a role for that?

  • gstefanou

    Is there any way to display only specific categories?


    The ability to add users to certain categories only would be advantagous

  • salman

    Hello friend..!

    I have a website where i sale digital goods like .MP4 videos as my clients comes and watch the preview video and then order the video and what i do is just customize the video according to their needs and then send them a final video file . currently I’m using “Easy Digital Download Plugin” but unfortunately it does not allow to send file to the specific customer hence i used e-mail to send file to my specific customer who orders the video.

    I’m happy to find this “Download Manager” as it seems very good for my website.

    Just only thing that I want to confirm here is weather this “Download Manager” plugin with this ” Advanced Access Control” add-ons will allow me to send file to the specific customer or not ?

    waiting for your kind reply… and suggestions.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    • Shahriar

      Advance access control will allow you to add specific users to a package. Those user are added using username in package settings.

      If you want to send file download link through email, you can use email lock feature of WPDM. If an user want to download a package, he/she will be asked to provide an email address and after that download link will be mailed to that address.


  • johnnas

    Hello, will this add-on let me show only files assigned to an user?

    If a user the [wpdm_user_dashboard] shortcode, a user can see all the available files and he can load all pages (with no access, but still can load the page with the file’s information).


    • Shaon

      Yes, using short-code [wpodm_my_downloads]. If you don’t select “Hide Everything” option from wpdm settings, all users will be able to explore all pages, only download link will be blocked.

      • johnnas

        So, selecting “Hide everything”, and using shortcode [wpodm_my_downloads], an user will see only its links / pages, right?

        I need an user could see only its files, not all files published.


    Where are we with locking users to categories please?

  • thebigb

    Is it right, that this add-on is found under “custom-access-level” (I bought the WP Special Pack)? And I’m wondering that the option “When user is not allowed to download: > Hide everything” only hides a package if the user does not match, not in addition if the “Allow Access” Role in the package does not match. Is that true, cause this behaviour means I have to tick every user und only the non-matching role does is not enough. In other words: what have I got to do to hide all packages which do not match the current user-role?


    • Shaon

      Yes, it is ``. “Hide Everything” option should be working fine for both users and roles.

  • Alessandro4

    Congratulations for this add-on.
    Is there a way to customize the appearance of the table that shows up using the short-code [wpdm_my_downloads login=1]?
    I would like the filenames NOT to be clickable and have a third column with a direct download link.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Alessandro4

      Oh, and also hide everything that is over and under the table!

    • Shahriar

      First of all, please update your copy, we just released v2.5.1. To apply custom template please use short-code like this:

      [wpdm_my_downloads template="link-template-id"]

      And in link template you can change the title or any info as per your need. If you don’t want to title clickable, you need to use [title] tag instead of [page_link] tag. Docs:

      • Alessandro4

        Thank you Shahriar,
        As far as I understand, Download Manager Free + Advanced Access Control users cannot modify templates but only use those in /download-manager/tpls/link-templates/.
        I can’t find though the template corresponding to the short-code [wpdm_my_downloads login=1] that shows a simple table.

  • Alessandro4

    I managed to update manually.
    Could you please tell me if there is a way to combine [wpdm_my_downloads template=”link-template-id”] with Categories?
    This is what I am trying to obtain:
    Category A files are assigned only to some users and are listed in page A; Category B files are assigned to all users and are listed in page B.
    Category B files shouldn’t appear in page A and vice versa.
    Thank you very much.

    • Alessandro4

      Forget my question, I updated to Pro Version and everything works as I intended.
      Really great plugin. Thanks!

  • Don Freeman

    Why is this not in the ALL ADD ON’S Package?

  • markvo

    Hi there,

    Before buy i’d like to check up the following:

    Will this add-on make use specific download pages possible? For our company we create monthly overviews for our clients, we would like to upload this so they’ll be able to login and see their files. Of course they should not be able to download or even see other clients documents.

    Thank you! Regards,


    • Shahriar

      You need Advanced Access Control add-on, If you want to assign downloads to your users/clients using their username instead of user role. When you assign files using username, only selected users can access those downloads. No one else will have access.

  • Matt Bonaccorsi

    Hi guys,

    I have installed advanced access control add-on, so that clients can see only their available downloads.
    It works fine at dashboard view, but if a client clicks on a file name to see more info, they are still able to view other client’s files via the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons. Screen shot here:

    Is there any way I can solve this?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Shaon

      That part totally depends on the theme, the plugin can’t control previous/next links, but a user will not be able to download an unauthorized file.

  • Francis


    Is it possible to restrict access based on caegories? this was also requested by

    thx, Francis

  • Erik Assis Cardoso

    It’s possible to show only the files that the user has permission in some page with category with shortcode, hook or function in PHP? Exemple:

    – I have a page showing a list o packages all from the same category, and more then 40 user that access this page, each user has permission to access some files at this list, but I want the files that is denied for that user to be hidden, is it possible to do this?


  • Erik Assis Cardoso

    But this is only available in the PRO version of the Download Manager, because I’m using the Free with the Advanced Access Control Add-on. Right? I didn’t find the option you said in my website menu.


    • Shaon

      It works fine with the free version, please check the video to understand how it works. But, “Hide Everything” option is available with pro version only.

  • Xonne

    Hi all,

    is it true that if i choose a single user to the file, the allow access role became guest automatically ?

    If i want the file be accessible to a role group AND a specific user is it possibile ?


    • Shahriar

      Selecting a single user allows that user access to the package. It doesn’t have any effect on allowed user roles. You can select a specific user and a role to a package settings. Both options are combined to determine if a user had access to the package.

      • Xonne

        is it true with a custom user role too?

        if i set a new user role “Clients” with 3 users (user1, user2, user3) with this role and in my new download i set Allow Access = Clients and a user level => user4 , in the api the user role clients became guest, and it wil be downloadable for guest user ed the specific user.

        Maybe the trick is in the file wpdm-custom-access-level.php functions “wpdm_cal_custom_data” and “wpdm_acl_allowed_roles”

        or i misunderstand something?


        • Shahriar

          Same for custom user roles.

          In your above scenario users (user1, user2, user3, user4) will have access to the package. user4 get the access from AAC and others from “Clients” role.

  • Xonne

    I’m sorry no,

    because id i set AAC to user4, the allow access became automatically Guest instead of Clients and the doc is avaible for all user and not fro user1, user2, user3 and AAC user4.

    That’s the problem in my project, maybe there’s something incompatible with it!

  • Michael


    hi Is it possible to restrict access roles based on categories? , if no, is there any other addons that i can use to do this

  • Kevin Böhm

    So, if i have a page where all downloads are shown and i specify downloads for some users, is there a way to hide these downloads for the other users or do they see the downloads but dont have permission to load them?
    (This is a very important point for me. If it works i buy it immediatly!)

    • Shahjada

      Using the Advanced Access Control add-on you can assign a package to certain users and using the shortcode [wpdm_my_downloads login=1] you can create a page when user will see only the downloads assigned to them. Please check the video in the description.

  • Matt Bayliss

    is there a way to a add a user to the access list via a php function?

    • Shahjada

      User access settings are stored in a post meta named __wpdm_user_access. So, you may use the following code to add/update user access:

      update_post_meta([ID], "__wpdm_user_access", array( 'username1', 'username2', 'username3' ) );
  • Sebastian Godziszewski

    is there a way to change access all my files from All users to “Administrator”, “Customer” and “Subscriber”?

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Advanced Access Control
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