WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.1.7 released

WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.1.7 has been released. This update comes with some new & awesome options. Also upgraded few old features for better experience.

What new with WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.1.7:

  1. New Short-Code


    159.51 KB


    263.34 KB
    Opt-in Magic

    Opt-in Magic

    279.96 KB

    Use this short-code to show the list wpdm packages with different sorting option, use tinyMce button add-on to generate this short-code with parameters.
  2. Server File Browser Access
    Added new option to control server file browser access, you can now control who will have access or not.
  3. Add-on Updates
    With this release of WordPress Download Manager, we also updated WPDM Directory Add-on, WPDM Extended Short-code, WPDM TinyMce button add-on, if you are using old version please update your copy.

As always you can get the latest version of WordPress Download Manager Pro for your order details page under members area.

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