From this section you can control front-end view of WordPress Download Manager Pro:

Frontend Access Settings - WordPress Download Manager Pro

  • Login Page – create a page with the shortcode and select the option for the option, if you want a clean login page, check “Clean login page”
  • Register Page – create a page with the shortcode and select the option for the option, if you want a clean signup page, check “Clean signup page”
  • Frontend Uploader Page – create this page if you need to allow user to create packages from front-end
  • Public Profile Page
  • Allowed User Roles to Create Package From Front-end: Selected user roles will able to access front-end UI to create and manage their package.
  • Message For Blocked Users: Add a message here to show the users who don’t have access to front-end UI to create and manage packages.
  • Initial status of package when a user create from front-end, you can keep it pending until you review or you also can auto-publish
  • You can decide here whether you want to overwrite or not an existing file, BTW, choosing “Rename New File” is better for safety.
  • Allowed File Types From Front-end: Use this option if you want to allow some specific file type only ( for example: png,jpg,mp3,mp4 ). Add allowed file extensions separated by a comma. “*” means allow all.
  • Max Upload Size From Front-end: Set a size limit here as you want to allow user to upload from front-end
  • Disable New Package Notification Email — Check if you do not want to receive email notification when someone creates new package from frontend
  • New Package Review Email — This email will receive a notification every time any user add/edit a package from front-end
  • New Package Review Email Subject — Enter the subject line for the New Package Review Email
  • Enable Search in File List — Check this option if you want to enable pagination & search in file list where there are more than 30 files attached with a package
  • Load lock options using ajax — Check this option if you want to load lock options in popover using ajax
  • Include Packages in Main RSS Feed — Check this option if you want to show wpdm packages in your main RSS Feed


Last Updated: Feb 6, 2019


  • Adanza

    Thanks for the great plugin.

    Is there any way to only display the Create New Package interface without the other tabs (“Logout”, “Edit Profile”, “All PAckages”)


  • Adanza

    Thanks Shaon

    wpdm-package-form is what I need. Is there a recommended way to customize this front end experience? I’d like to allow users to create packages but not give them the ability to Allow Access, set templates, manage lock options etc. Is there any documentation this shortcode?

    Much appreciated!

    • Shaon

      From Front-end UI Settings, you can keep the package pending when they submit from front-end. If you don’t use wpdm list packages short-code, users will not be able to access them.

  • khalil

    How about configuring the wpdm-package-form for front-end upload viewing? I want to be able to show less, e.g. not “package settings” and other “advanced options”.

    • Shaon

      Please don’t use wpdm-package-form, wpdm-list-packages short-code, they will be dropped in next update, use [wpdm_frontend]

      • khalil

        OK. But is there a way of customizing what front-end users see when I show them the upload page?

        • Shahriar

          If you want to customize upload page, you need to edit wpdm-add-new-file-front.php, And to edit any tpl file, please copy /tpls/ dir to active theme dir and rename it to `download-manager`, now you can edit template files inside the new download-manager dir, in this way, updating plugin will not erase your changes.

          • tbarto002

            How does WPDM know to use the version that’s now in /wp-content/themes/{theme}/ tpls/ vs the old one thats in /wp-content/plugins/download-manager/tpls/ ?

      • Mike Winston

        Has any method been added back in to allow users only to upload packages on the frontend without any of the other tabs?

  • jkazius

    Is there a way to get rid of the other tabs and just show the upload file tab on a page?

    • Shaon

      The tab is coming from premium package add-on, if you are not selling items, you may disable the add-on and front-end orders page will be gone, however we shall add new option to enable/disable front-end store with the next update of the add-on.

  • Florent Moriniere


    I encountered the following issue : if the front end shortcode is placed on a child page, then the “Add new” or “Modify profil” tabs don’t work => it provoques a 404 page.
    (on a page without parent, it works).

  • Malcolm Beyer

    I don’t see ‘Subscription Form’ in my Front End UI panel? Is that an Add On? If so, which one?

    I created a page and added the short code per the instruction in the Front End Settings, but it says ‘Registration Disabled.’

  • Malcolm Beyer

    Great. I did that and the form now appears. However, when I go and register with a test account, I don;t show up in the Subscriber list?

    Also, can I add fields to the subscribe form?

  • Extera

    Hello, is possible to change the html of the list of packeges? At the moment I see only the list in format tables. Thank you.

  • Eddie

    All I want is a simple upload form… nothing complicated. No tabs, profiles, etc, etc. It looks like this functionality existed once but has been removed. Or am I missing something?

  • Drama Fox

    Hi and thanks for this awesome plugin!
    Can I show only info of the download file, without download link and other links to the file’s page?

    • Shahriar

      Yes, you can show only info of the download file ( package ) without the download link using custom page/link template. Just clone any template and remove `[download_link]` tag from there.

  • Aman Jhawar

    Hi, Is there any way to easily add new fields to the registration form? I would like to add company, company email, etc.

  • Simone Scoppetta

    Hi there,
    I love your plugin, but I’ve a question about front-end file upload.
    I’m creating a page into wp that allow our customers to upload 3 different file (pdf or a picture), I need to show a form only were the user can upload yours files and a list of its uploaded files, no more (no MAIN PREVIEW IMAGE, no ADDITIONAL PREVIEW IMAGES, no PACKAGE SETTINGS, no FILE PASSWORD field). I want just Title, Desc and Browse File to upload.

    Is there a way to have this settings?

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