How To Integrate Cross-promotion To Strengthen Your Digital Product

How To Integrate Cross-promotion To Strengthen Your Digital Product?

Do you want to increase the scope and reach of your digital product or services online? Cross-promotion is an effective form of digital marketing that assists in strengthening your digital product brand as well as generating sales. It is also known to be a highly efficient marketing technique to deliver a large sales increase without any extra costs.

Taking this into mind, in this article, we will describe some proven ways to integrate cross-promotion to strengthen your digital product.

So, let’s get started! 

What Is Cross-promotion?

Cross-promotion is one of the most convenient advertising techniques where you team up with another person or brand and promote your products to one another’s audience. It also builds a strong bond with other companies by showcasing each other’s products and increasing digital product brand visibility.

It is an excellent opportunity to emphasize the positioning of your company and raise the brand value. The secret to successful cross-promotion marketing is to concentrate your energies instead of simply promoting more products and services to satisfy the needs of the consumer.

Why Should You Use Cross-promotion?

Here, we will point out the main benefits of cross-promotion below:

  • Cross-promotion is the most cost-effective strategy to add new customers to both brands simultaneously
  • It increases your brand awareness by promoting services online
  • It increases your new customers as well as boost your sales 

Now, To cross-promote, companies need to choose the channels that their customers use. Choosing the proper channels will generate the most profit, engagement, or achieve your specific purpose. Always remember that different channels are suitable for different purposes, not for all. So, before promoting your service through cross-promotion, always investigate your customer preference. 

How To Integrate Cross-promotion To Strengthen Your Digital Product?

There are lots of effective and convenient ways you can apply your marketing techniques. But before going to that portion, first, you just need to define the goal. After determining your goal, then you have to select the right partner for cross-promotion. Lastly, you need to select a platform that works for your brand. These are the main points that will annex your way to success.  

Now, below, we will describe 5 efficient and proven ways to integrate cross-promotion to strengthen your digital product. These are-

1. Collaborating With A Non-competing Brand

collaborating with a non-competing brand

One of the fruitful strategies of cross-promoting is to integrate with a non-competing brand to strengthen your business. The non-competing partners are usually influencers, nonprofit organizations, and local businesses.   

Before promoting your product or service, it is essential to research the nature and type of you’re and your partner’s product to ensure relevancy.

Basically, influencers possess a high impact on people’s purchase decisions as they have high followers. If an influencer recommends a product, it will immensely impact their followers’ minds. So, applying such kind of collaboration can increase your revenue as well as your brand awareness.

2. Cross-promotion With Social Media

cross-promotion with social media to strengthen your product

Social Media is still one of the digital marketing tools that has a huge impact on consumer decision-making. It’s an easy way for you and your partner to enter the audience of each other brand to create useful and valuable leads.

Moreover, through social media cross-promotion, you can quickly spread your services to multiple audiences and expand the reach of your service. To promote your products, you can apply some strategies such as using ads, giveaways, live videos, tags, hashtags, etc according to your goal.

Before giving time on all social media platforms make sure you have a presence for your target customer on the platforms that are suitable and put your resources there.

3. Cross-promotion via Email Marketing

cross-promotion via email marketing to strengthen your product

Without any doubt, Email Marketing is one of the effective ways to integrate and cross-promote your digital brand online as all are maintaining email and open their inbox every day.

To promote your products, you can create a joint newsletter that can be sent to both of your and your partner’s customers. Also, you and your partner can promote a partner championship,  inform subscribers about upcoming campaigns, sales, invite them to events, and make personalized offers. This approach not only promotes your products for getting new customers but also enhances your overall engagement.

4. Webinar

Preparing an online event such as webinars is another way to cross-promote your digital product band

Preparing an online event such as a webinar is another way to cross-promote your digital product brand. It is an online program organized by one or more businesses to communicate with users, add value, or advertise goods or services.

Through it, You will partner up with another brand across it to build something greater and bigger. Not only webinars, but you may also participate in online discussions, virtual conferences, etc to get new customers and feel interested in your platform.

5. Podcast

podcasts have seen an immense increase in popularity as it makes a huge impact on brand reach

Nowadays, podcasts have seen an immense increase in popularity as they make a huge impact on brand reach. It’s easy to view how your brand could be driven by being featured on a popular podcast with a popular persona. Also, it is powerful to bring additional traffic to your product and provide collaboration opportunities to communicate with new customers.


Cross-promotion is one of the smart and cost-effective techniques for expanding your product reach among other marketing strategies. It is a win-win situation for both you and your partners to advertise your service in front of new potential users. Apply these 5 effective ways of cross-promotion to strengthen your digital product and get customers to love it.

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