WordPress Download Manager Monthly Review: May 2018

We have released new updates for WordPress Download Manager Pro ( v4.7.5 ) and Free ( v2.9.74 ) with bug fixes and GDPR compliance options.  Hope you all get the updated and are having a great experience with the latest version of WordPress Download Manager. Also, we have released new updates for the following add-ons:

Add-on Name Latest Version
Multilevel Affiliates 1.2.1
Coinbase 1.2.0
Live Forms 3.7.2
Skrill 1.2.0
WPDM – Archive Page 2.9.2
2Checkout 1.5.2
WPDM – Remote FTP browser 2.2.7
WPDM Accordion 1.8.8
WordPress Pro Membership 2.3.4
Stripe 1.3.2

There was also a new payment gateway add-on released on May 2018, you may have a look.

If you are using any of those add-ons, we strongly recommend you to update to the latest version.

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