Multilevel Affiliates

Multilevel Affiliates add-on will help you on affiliate recruitment, management and tracking while you are using WordPress Download Manager Pro along with Premium Package Add-on.  This add-on has a special feature to implement Multi-Level Referral Commission sharing option, which will boost up your sales. The Multi-Level Referring Promotion feature uses a marketing model similar to MLM. Where you can set multiple layers of commission for the top-level referrer. A top-level referrer will able to earn commission from multiple sales even simply referring to one person which will certainly encourage him to refer your product at least to a potential client. And here the magic is, each user is a top-level user in his referring tree. So what I say,  this plugin can increase your sale 10 times more than any other plugin as well as manage your membership is a better way than others.

What it will do:

  • Enable Affiliate Marketing
  • Track Unique Incoming Hits
  • Easy to handle affiliate links
  • Easy to handle admin options
  • Multi-Level Referral Tracking with graphical tree view

Why you need this:

  • Increase your sale
  • Drive quality traffic to your site
  • Extend your brand visibility
  • Increase backlinks, better search engine visibility
  • You can control the commissions for each top-level user, you can setup how much commission he will get from different lower levels


  • Create a page from Admin Menu >> Pages >> Add New, Add short-code [ml_affiliate_frontend] , and publish it. View the page and you will see a UI like following image:
    Home: Tab content is showing current user balance & earning
    Settings: Tab content showing affiliate link, the user needs to use it when they are referring. And there is another field to put their PayPal email to get paid
  • Now from Admin Menu >> MultiLevel Affiliates menu, you can set up commissions for different levels, it supports up to 6 level:


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