Multilevel Affiliates

Multilevel Affiliates add-on will help you on affiliate recruitment, management and tracking while you are using WordPress Download Manager Pro along with Premium Package Add-on.  This add-on has a special feature to implement Multi-Level Referral Commission sharing option, which will boost up your sales. The Multi-Level Referring Promotion feature uses a marketing model similar to MLM. Where you can set multiple layers of commission for the top-level referrer. A top-level referrer will able to earn commission from multiple sales even simply referring to one person which will certainly encourage him to refer your product at least to a potential client. And here the magic is, each user is a top-level user in his referring tree. So what I say,  this plugin can increase your sale 10 times more than any other plugin as well as manage your membership is a better way than others.

What it will do:

  • Enable Affiliate Marketing
  • Track Unique Incoming Hits
  • Easy to handle affiliate links
  • Easy to handle admin options
  • Multi-Level Referral Tracking with graphical tree view

Why you need this:

  • Increase your sale
  • Drive quality traffic to your site
  • Extend your brand visibility
  • Increase backlinks, better search engine visibility
  • You can control the commissions for each top-level user, you can setup how much commission he will get from different lower levels


  • Create a page from Admin Menu >> Pages >> Add New, Add short-code [ml_affiliate_frontend] , and publish it. View the page and you will see a UI like following image:
    Home: Tab content is showing current user balance & earning
    Settings: Tab content showing affiliate link, the user needs to use it when they are referring. And there is another field to put their PayPal email to get paid
  • Now from Admin Menu >> MultiLevel Affiliates menu, you can set up commissions for different levels, it supports up to 6 level:

Comments [ 20 ]

  • powerongrfx

    Is this supposed to be included in the All Add Ons package? I don’t see this one and the other recent add-ons listed in my account.

  • richardwing

    How does the affiliate get paid? mass pay in paypal?

    Paypal doesnt like MLM programs only 2 tier.

    Does this work with all the payment plugins?

    The demo site admin password is wrong according to the demo of the site that has the plugins we can look at from admin area. So I am asking my questions here.

    • Shaon

      All affiliate credit will be users account, and user can send withdraw request, admin can complete the request using paypal from admin panel. So the tier system here is not making any conflict with paypal policy. Anyhow we will add payment support for other payment gateways too.

  • nescali

    that works on wordpress version? and can function as a single plugin ??

  • eric77son

    Hi Shaon,

    Do I need to buy anything else in order to use this add on (Multi Level Affiliate)?


  • laoshr

    Hello Shaon,

    With the multi level affiliate plugin does it allow the affiliate to earn the next level of affiliate. i.e. if all start as a level 1 affiliate (earns 10%) and then refers two sales then change them to a level 2 affiliate (earns 20% for level 1 and 10% for level 2)?

    Also, is there a way to have affiliates register for no cost without purchasing one of our products?


    • Shaon

      The commission in different level will depend on your setup, it can be setup up to 6th level. Every registered user can join affiliate product and he will start from 1st level.

  • Christian Castro

    I noticed that in the WP Pro Membership features list contains ‘Multilevel Referring Promotion.’ What are the differences between that and this ‘Multi-Level Affiliates’add-on?

  • epik323

    Are the commissions residual? Or is it a one time payment for subscriptions?

  • Esteban

    Is there demo?

  • Esteban

    This plugin only tracking the purchases?
    or “the clics and registers” too?


    • Shahjada

      Yes, also tracks clicks and signup too. We shall add a new tab to show clicks with the next update of the plugin.

  • Esteban


    How long is the cookie of the reference link?

  • Fred Gekwell

    Hello. Do you have instruction how to correct use this plugin, especially TRACKBACK URLS and what i can do with variables?
    What is SITE-WIDE Affiliate link?

    Plz, help us to understand usability of this great tool.

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Multilevel Affiliates
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