Ecommerce Personalization - How It Implements & Helps To Boost Sales

Ecommerce Personalization – How It Implements & Helps To Boost Sales

Are you looking for the best way to improve the performance of your eCommerce business? Personalization of customer experience is the most recent pattern in today’s eCommerce field. Offering a personalized experience to visitors is a brilliant method to hold your current clients along with attracting unknown customers and turning them into loyal customers.

It is also a winning strategy for increasing your sales no matter what your business is or what you are selling in your eCommerce store. 

So, In this article, we will describe all about the Personalization Of Customer Experience in eCommerce – What it is, how to implement it in your site, and most importantly how it helps you to boost your sales.

So, let’s get started!

What is E-commerce Personalization?

Think about going to a retail store to buy something. When you enter a specific store, the employees of the store already guess your interest. Even more, they already identify what you like the most and what you have been searching for a long time.

E-commerce Personalization has a similar concept. This marketing strategy aims to show visitors that your online content is relevant to their interests. This is focused on the website’s personal data and past activity clicks, location, preferences or demographics, and other personal data.

Personalization is often referred to as one-to-one marketing because the company’s website is designed to directly reach each buyer.

Not only this but also it’s a win to-win situation both for the customer and owner as the customer gets their desired product and the owner increases revenue and profits.

How Personalization In E-commerce Can Help You Boost Your Sales?

1. Increase Sales

The most effective outcome of applying eCommerce Personalization is to improve your conversion as well as your profit.

ncrease Sales

As most customers access eCommerce websites with the intention of buying and showing them items that have demonstrated value in the previous will also result in a sale. According to Monetate research, a business increases an average of 20% in sales when it uses personalization experiences.

2. Increased Engagement with your Website

Another advantage of taking this strategy is increasing customer engagement on your website. As we all know, customer engagement is most important for building authority or brand among other businesses.

For example, Amazon is one of the big authority eCommerce websites where customers always spend more time on it and will, therefore, be inclined to buy in the future.

3. Improved Customer Loyalty

The personalization of e-commerce starts with the collection of data. As you know what the clients want, what their priorities are, what their expenditure expectations are, etc, treat them with these which will make them special. In addition, the individualized experience will increase customer loyalty as well as a long-term relationship with your site. 

4. Better Customer Experience

Through personalization, when you give your customers targeted ads and personalized emails that easily meet their needs without giving much effort to it. These incentives make them feel satisfied and willing to purchase more. 

Better Customer Experience

Also, if you send them their preferred products and offers, it will also make them satisfied with your service and as a result, they will purchase from you again and again. This type of marketing strategy not only improves the customer experience but also increases the lifetime value of those customers.

5. Decreasing Bounce Rate of your Site

With the personalized customer experience, the customer sees the relevant content or previous searching product. As a result,  it will tend them to stick around for longer. Spending more time on your site also decreases the bounce rate, which will ultimately help the SEO of your site.

How To Implement E-commerce Personalization In Your Site?

Now, it’s time to learn how you can implement personalized customer experience on your site.

Let’s divine the five effective ways of getting implemented.

1. Create a Personalized Homepage

The first thing that a visitor sees is your homepage. Having a personalized homepage helps you create a great image among your customers.

As you’re gathering cookies on your e-commerce site, you already know the preference and interests of your potential customers. So, it’s easy to implement eCommerce personalization by collecting cookies.

Isn’t it?

To personalize the homepage of your site you may include a recommended product for your sector or appear those products or categories that a customer is searching from your site. 

Although it’s a simple strategy, it can bring huge customers to your site when they find a way of shopping that is very easy. Implementing this simple and easy technique also gives you a better shopping experience for your customers.

2. Appearing The Most Attractive Products

Another way of using personalization is to start targeting the clients with your most appealing products. For this, you have to first identify the interest of your clients or observe the trend of their buying like if they always buy the same product again or again or not. If so, you can display those products at regular intervals to your customer.

3. Adjust navigation based on the interests of the visitor

Another effective way to create eCommerce personalization is by adjusting the navigation bar according to the visitor’s search term. This technique is also very time-consuming for a visitor because when he visits your site, he will find the products on the navigation by category in whom they are interested in easily. 

4. Recommend New Products Based On the Previous History

Personalized recommendation of products based on the previous history is a stunningly successful way to bring more customers to buy more and more. A recent study shows that about 56% of customers are more likely to back your site to purchase again when you show the recommended products.

5. Display Customized Offers to Return Customers

A high cart abandonment rate is the greatest problem for most online businesses. If you capture the interest and preference of your visitors through eCommerce personalization and show them personalized exclusive offers to that visitor, they will again feel interested in your site and return back to purchase. In addition, you can use some tools to display personalized offers with a banner when they again visit your website.


If you want to achieve success in today’s online business world, your most important issue is to investigate the ways to incline customers to your site. Providing a personalized experience to your customers is one of the latest trends in eCommerce that will not only assist in attracting customers in the first place but also engage them with your site for the long term.

Hopefully, this article will help you to understand the importance and implementation of personalized customer experience in eCommerce. To track your e-commerce business performance you check our 10 important Ecommerce Metrics that play a key role in your business strategy, result, and revenue.

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