Multiple password with usage limit

Multiple password with usage limit

From v3.1.4.1 you can use multiple password for single package. When using multiple password you need to separate each password using “[” and “]” in “password” field .

For example,

for single password just use the pass-phrase like:


and multiple password will be like:


and you can use as many as password you want there.  Package will be unlocked to download for any of those password.

Also you can limit usage of passwords.

you can user any numeric (integer) value there like 1,2,4,8…

and each password will expire after its usage exceeds that limit. Like if you set “2”  as value of “PW Usage Limit” then each password will expire after it used for 2 times.

and when 0 not nothing set means password(s) will never expire.

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  • mattmattbaehrcom

    This is a great feature. So I could enter 500 passwords if need be?

    Is there any way to link the number of downloads or password to a specific user with WP?

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