WPDM Lazy Download Add-on v1.1.0 released


WPDM Lazy Download Add-on v1.1.0 has been released. In this version we have added some new features and also fixed all bugs from previous version. Now you can set  2 different styles for waiting page: progress bar or count down timer. Additional you also can decide whether waiting time should apply every time when user try to download a package in same session or you also can apply first time and from 2nd time download of same package in same session you can skip waiting time. If you already using previous version of WPDM Lazy Download, we strongly recommend you to update your copy now.

What’s new with v1.1.0:

  1. 2 styles for waiting page, count down timers and progress bar
  2. Option for applying or skipping waiting time for a package downloaded multiple times in same sesson
  3. Fixed css issue from previous version


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