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create_package_frontend action is triggered whenever a package is published from front-end. You can use this to take any action when a user adds a package from front-end.


The example below will send an email to the site admin when any site member publishes a download manager package from front-end.


function notify_admin($package_id, $package){
 $edit = "<a href='".get_edit_post_link( $package_id)."'>Edit Package</a><br/>"; 
 $view = "<a href='".get_permalink( $package_id )."'>Edit Package</a><br/>";
 $message = "Package Title: {$package->post_title}<br/>
 wp_mail(get_option("admin_email"), "New Package Added", $message, "From: no-reply@sitenamernContent-type: text/htmlrn"); 

add_action("create_package_frontend", "notify_admin", 10, 2);