WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.6.8 is available now

WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.6.8 is available for download now. In this update, we have fixed 6 bugs found in the previous version. Also, as per your request, we have added 2 new features. Please check the following list to find the changes came with v4.6.8.

What is new with WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.6.8:

  • Fixed the issue with file sorting
  • Fixed the issue with interim login modal
  • Fixed the issue with password generator
  • Fixed the cross origin request issue with file browser
  • Fixed the issue on tag archive page
  • Fixed the issue with terms lock in all packages shortcode
  • Added an option to show terms and conditions in modal popup
  • Added new option to enable/disable link and page templates

All those adjustments are important for WordPress Download Manager to work properly. So, we strongly recommend you to update your copy ASAP. You can get the latest version of WordPress Download Manager from Premium Download Area.

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