WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.1.9 released

WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.1.9 has been released. This update comes with some improvements on old features, special the attached file section in add/edit package window, also improved additional image preview option.

If you already using WordPress Download Manager Pro,  for better experience we strongly recommend you to update your copy. As always you need to download it again from here to get the latest version.

What’s new with WordPress Download Manager Pro v4.1.9:

  • Added Reset user download count option
  • Bulk import now supports featured image
  • Upgraded additional images option
  • Upgraded API ( new functions for generating settings fields,
  • Upgraded Attached File List

Comments [ 2 ]

  • Emmaxson

    How do I update without deleting my files. I tried deleting the previous version but i was informed that will delete all my files uploaded… So how do I update this plugin and not lose my old stuff…

    • Shaon

      Deleting plugin will not delete your data, so you can delete old version and install new or you also can upload new plugin using ftp overwriting old plugin.

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