WordPress Download Manager New & Updated Add-ons

This month, we have added/updated following WordPress Download Manager Add-ons:

New Add-on: Download Period

Download Period Add-on for WordPress Download Manager will help you to set a date range for any user to allow access to packages. Here you can use it several ways, like:

  • Allow specific user(s) to a package for a date range
  • Allow specific user(s) to all package for a date range
  • Allow specific user(s) to the package created within a date range.

User specific settings:


Package Specific Settings:


New Add-on: Advanced CSV Importer

Advanced CSV Importer importer add-on for WordPress Download Manager  will give you the easy way to import csv files with field mapping option.

WPDM Default Values

We have added new option to clone a package, so now using this add-on, you also can clone a old package which could give you a good head start on creating another new similar package.

WPDM Directory Add-on

Added advanced package search option, new short-code [wpdm-tag] for showing wpdm tags

So, If you are using All Add-ons pack, there already added new add-ons, you can download from the pack. And if you are using old version of default value and directory add-on, please download those again from your order details page to get the latest version.


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