Download Manager Pro v3.1.4.1 released

Download Manager Pro v3.1.4.1 released

This is basically bug fix release of v3.1.4. We adjusted all the issue happened with v3.1.4 here. Also included some new features. Here are details:

  • Bug: Fixed issue with site and post title
  • Bug: Fixed guest download issue.
  • Bug: Fixed not-logged-in message issue
  • Feature: Added new option for custom package url
  • Feature: Added sorting and search options for packages
  • Feature: Added new option on settings page for editing default link and page template


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Comments [ 12 ]

  • greentechglobalgmailcom

    I need to get the new version, where can I get it at. I have the 3.1.1 version.

  • flick

    Hello! I am trying to access the demo, but for some reason when I login using ‘demo’ ‘demo’, I don’t see any options for WP Download Manager for me to test it. Help?

  • flick

    Sorry- I also wanted to ask – is it possible to purchase the ‘Custom Roles’ add-on without having Download Manager Pro?

    • Shaon

      Custom-role is just the add-on of wpdm pro. without wpdm pro “custom roles” add-on will not work.

  • youknow

    the licence is only for 1 site? or for multiple sites?

  • bmj

    Need clarification please – does an upgrade to the pro version retain all the settings and files we’ve already entered with the free version?

  • bmj

    Might need to rephrase my question. What I wanted to know was whether the pro version picks up the settings and files from the free version. I’ve just installed the pro version and it seems to be a completely separate install rather than an upgrade. Do we have to manually enter the files that are in the free version or are we able to export/import them into the pro version?

  • bmj

    Another question – The pro version doesn’t seem to have provision for a file date whereas the free one does. Am I missing something?

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