Whar is Post Meta In WordPress

What Is Post Meta In WordPress?

Have you ever tried to use the Post Meta feature on your WordPress website which will help you to improve your user experience? 

Well, adding this post meta feature assists you in enhancing the default functionality of your post. Also, you may create any number of post meta which can append to any post.

So, In this article, we’ll describe what exactly post metadata is in WordPress.

Let’s get to work!

Post Metadata In WordPress

Post Meta is a feature of WordPress that refers to include additional information about your post or page. It allows you to store extra information on a blog post including author name, categories, tags, date, etc. It also gives users the possibility to update important data quickly or make general changes to the post. This is sometimes known as Custom Field or meta-data in WordPress.

For instance, if you sell digital products on your blog post and you want to add some additional information for this product such as its price, offer, and so on. Then you don’t want to add additional information by adding columns to your post, you can do it easily with the feature. You just need to store the data in the post meta and then link it to that post.

Isn’t it great!

Basically, a post meta in WordPress consists of two fields name and value field. In the name field, you need to select or give the name of your post meta. And, in the value field, you have to give the value for it.

The post meta in the WordPress feature is hidden on the screen option of your WordPress dashboard by default. To display the feature in your blog post or page, you need to first go to your WordPress admin area. If you add the feature to all your posts then you have to go to Posts  → All posts. Or if you want to use the feature for a specific post then go to Posts  →  All posts  →  open the specific post.

After opening the window click the screen options button from the top and check the Custom field option from it.

screen option to choose post meta option

While you are working in the Gutenberg editor, then go to More Resources & Settings-Options → Options.

To work the custom field on your post check the box of Custom Field.

enable custom fields gutenberg

After that scroll down the post editor, here you will be able to see the custom field box below.

post meta in wordpress

Now, you can add the custom field and its value on the particular post as you want.

If you want to improve the functionality of the feature we recommend you to use a plugin called “Advanced Custom field” that enables you to use unlimited custom fields and field groups. You can also use this plugin to extend the email lock feature when you need to capture additional data from site visitors.


WordPress is built for customization. The WordPress feature as post meta provides the ability to add relevant information to your visitors without detracting from the main content.

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