Last Updated: Jun 24, 2014


  • Adanza

    I’m trying to customize the front-end upload tool display. Specifically, I’d like use a different term than “package” to describe the packets of files. This filter “wpdm_frontend” does not actually filter anything. I tracked down the code (in class.ShortCodes.php) where the filter is applied and see the following

    $tabs = array( //’sales’ => array(‘label’=>’Sales’,’callback’=>’wpdm_sales_report’)
    $tabs = apply_filters(‘wpdm_frontend’, $tabs);

    That explains why this filter currently does not do anything.

    Do you plan on building this filter out to be functional? Otherwise, do you have recommendations for customizing this frontend upload tool page?


    • Shaon

      that is not an issue here, sales tab actually will be generated by “WPDM Premium Package” add-on using this filter. So you also can use the filter to add your own tab. Example:

      function mywpdm_frontend_tab($tabs){
      $tabs['mytab'] = array('label' => 'My Tab', 'callback' => 'wpdm_my_func');
      return $tabs;
      add_filter('wpdm_frontend', 'mywpdm_frontend_tab');
  • Adanza

    Thanks Shaon!

    Is there a way to change the name “Package” to something else throughout the Download Manager experience?

    Much appreciated

  • khalil

    I am using [wpdm_frontend] on my site. It does not seem to work, the “Register” button is not clickable, and the css does not load, ie. I dont see colours on the buttons.

    • khalil

      this is on a site which has restricted access (plugin), and version number is v.4.3, so might be because of that. However, I have tested this on a local site using 4.4 and using wpdm_frontend, I am able to see css, but when clicking “register”, nothing happens – I am only seing username/password.

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